24 Hour Care v.s. Live in Care

24 hour private care and 24 hour Live in Care are the two very best 24/7 in-home care solutions enabling elderly people to live comfortably, joyfully and safely in their own home. When Elders need care 24/7 around the clock care, rather than being placed into a nursing home… consider in home care for your loved one. However, 24 hour care and live-in care are two very different services in the way they are staffed, what they cost and who they are best suited to.

You can explore the two options and discover their similarities and differences. After 24 years of providing both 24 hours care and live in care, you can trust that Daughterly Care’s High Care Case Managers and Registered Nurses have the experience to recommend the most suitable solution for your loved one. We listen to you and work with families to recommend the best private and government funded in home elder care solutions to meet you or your loved one’s care needs and lifestyle.

Warning: Just be aware that if an Approved Provider or private care provider does not provide Live in Care, and most say on their websites that they do, but in reality, they don’t have:

✓ over 100 Live in Carers like Daughterly Care does;

✓ 24 years’ experience providing both 24 hour care and live in care like we do; and

✓ the High Care Case Manager and Registered Nurse 24/7 support structure in place like we do; then…

…of course, they will tell you their 24 hour care is the best solution, because it is the only 24 hour in home care support they provide. At Daughterly Care, we have provided ALL in home care solutions for 24 years: a few hours of quality in home care, long shifts of quality in home care, active overnight care, inactive overnight care, Live in Care and 24 Hour Care, so we have the experience to recommend what is most suitable for your family.

At Daughterly Care we recommend the best private or government funded Elder care solutions for each individual client as there is no one-size fits all. Let’s look at the options for around-the-clock 24 hour care, which is a far better alternative to moving into a nursing home:

24hr 24 hour around-the-clock elderly inhome in-home livein live-in private care privatecare elder seniors

Private in home elder care 24 hours a day

  • 24 hour private care is ideal for an Elder who has high care or a very active lifestyle and needs an around-the-clock service.

  • Each 24 hour service block is split into 3 shifts. The private evening or night time home care can be an inactive or active shift, depending on need.

  • This type of private care service is also suited to some types of Palliative Care or End of Life Care if the elderly person requires active home care 24 hours a day.

  • 24 Hour private in-home care is charged by the hour and it is flexible to Elders that require around the clock attention.

24 hour 24hr private care inhome in home live elder senior northern beaches north shore

In home aged care – live in private care

  • Live in Care is ideal for Elders who have high care needs requiring a carer on-hand around the clock although, they may only need private active care for up to 8 hours each 24 hour period. Our carer sleeps through the night so they are refreshed to care for their client the next day. During this time, it is important to remember that our Caregiver is available through the night, should the client need assistance with toileting or for short periods of time.

  • Our Live-in Carer or Private Nurse stays in the client’s home for 3-4 days at a time so a caring presence is on-hand 24 hours, when needed. A Live in Carer can provide 8 hours of active care per 24 hour period therefore, your elderly loved one has someone around-the-clock.

  • Private Palliative Care and End of Life Care is also worth considering, which is provided by our highly experienced Live in Carers.

  • The cost of around the clock Live in Care is charged on a daily rate rather than on an hourly basis. This makes it a very affordable option, compared to private 24 Hour Care. Our High Care Case Managers can explain the different rates for weekdays, weekends and public holidays so we invite you to ring them at your earliest convenience.

Our High Care Case Managers have decades of nursing care experience to determine your private Live-in or 24 hour care needs so they have the knowledge to advise the most suitable type of care.

Daughterly Care’s private 24 hour, around-the-clock or overnight Live in Care allows you or your elderly loved one to never have a reason go to a nursing home.

24hr 24 hr 24 hour 24 hours live in live-in livein inhome in-home elder dementia elderly senior geriatric

1. Live in Home Care is the best in home care for elders

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