What does in Home Care cost?

What in home care costs depends on how you are paying for your in home support and care, what type of services and support you are receiving as well as when you receive your services. There are three ways to pay for your Home Care costs:

  1. privately from your own personal money, in which case we have no waiting list and no Aged Care Assessment is needed. This is commonly known as private care; or
  2. from your Government Subsidised Home Care Package which pays for our services. (You may need to contribute to your Home Care Package as per the Government rules); or
  3. from a combination of your Government Subsidised Home Care Package.

Private Care

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  • With our private in-home care, you just pay our clinical or home nursing care fees which are based on the time we spend assisting supporting and caring for you.

  • No Aged Care Assessment is needed to use our private care services
  • You don’t have to ring My Aged Care first
  • No waiting list to start services
  • No set up fees
  • No exit fees

Please tell us at the beginning of our phone conversation or email message that you will be paying privately so that our conversation with you will be a lot simpler and quicker.

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We have specialised in servicing private care clients, such as yourself for 21 years. 14 Reasons to choose us.

We understand private inhome care clients and we have a 21 year reputation for offering the best quality in home care, particularly for high care elders who don’t want to move to a Nursing Home.

Our expert private care can top up your Government Funded Home Care Package so you never need to go to a Nursing Home.

When you start with us as a private inhome care client, we will guide you through the process of applying for a Government Funded Home Care Package, if you don’t already have one. This is so, you don’t miss out on this universal Government assistance.

Some of our very wealthy private care elderly clients are not interested in Government funding and that’s fine.

If you are a private paying client and it is after our office hours i.e. 6pm to 7.30am then please complete this form and we will call you back during office hours (or after hours, if you need an emergency start ).

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Government Subsidised
Home Care Package

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We don’t charge:

  • a set-up fee
  • a Contingency fee
  • a Home Care Package Management Fee on any privately paid care
  • any fees on Unspent Money that is transferred from your Current Approved Provider to us when you transfer your Home Care to us
  • With Government Subsidised Home Care Packages there are only 2 fees that you may be asked to pay, depending on your financial situation, and in return and a set Government subsidised  budget is available to buy care or services paid for by your Home Care Package.

  • With Government Funded clients, the Government requires care it is paying for be set up, managed; and reported on in a certain way and this is why we charge a Home Care Package Management Fee.

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To meet the legislation and Home Care Package Guidelines we have do not have a choice but to charge an additional fee for the additional work mandated by the Government to administer and manage a Home Care Package.

Our cost for the extra administration required by the Government is 20% pa where we help you manage and organise the care.

By completing this form, we will contact you to explain our competitive Home Care Package Management Fee and to confidentially discuss your situation and provide a specific quote.

If your Government Funded Home Care Package will be paying for your in home care and you wish to contact our office outside of business hours i.e. 6pm to 7.30am, Monday to Friday and on weekends then, please complete one of the below forms (which is applicable to your or your loved one’s situation) and we will ring you back during office hours:

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73% of all new clients are recommended to Daughterly Care

Most people calling us, know from their friends, health professional or our reputation that we are the best in home care Approved Provider for private paying clients and Government Funded clients in the Sydney, NSW, in the areas we service.

Currently, November 2018, My Aged Care has advised that it is taking up to 12 months to be assigned a Level 2 Home Care Package and another 12 months to be assigned your approved Level 3 or Level 4 Home Care Package so you need to be able to afford our private fees without any Government subsidy from day one of using our service.

Once you are approved by ACAT you can ring My Aged Care and they will advise the approximate number of days until your Home Care Package will be assigned.