To be dementia friendly is to understand dementia and how you can help, even the smallest gesture can make a difference to someone living with dementia.

50% of Australians think a person with dementia can’t have a meaningful conversation.

11.7% of people avoid spending time with a person who has dementia.

In the video below, three Australians speak about living with dementia and how the greater community can be more inclusive to individuals who have a dementia. These three Australians provide valuable insight and advice to understanding the condition and how we, as a society can better interact with people who have a dementia.

80% of Australians want to know more about Dementia

New research has found that 80% of Australians want to know more about dementia. This is a good thing because dementia is the second largest cause of death in Australia. If we are accommodating to engage with people living with dementia then we, as a community bring awareness and understanding to the forefront. The hopeful outcome will join people living with dementia, with various people in their local communities.

Open your heart and mind for just 4 minutes and listen to these 3 beautiful Australians explain their thoughts and experience of living with dementia.

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dementia Alzheimer

Being diagnosed with dementia isn’t the end of having a fulfilling life. Living with dementia doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. Having the right support and the community being equip to engage with a person with a dementia provides purpose and to be included within the greater community. This breaks down the stigma and the possible isolation from society, which is experienced by some people living with dementia.

People living with dementia in return, can contribute to the greater community by their common interests and unique talents, furthermore they are ever willing to join in social activities.

There is an abundance of resources for learning about dementia. Browse the Alzheimer’s Association or Dementia Australia websites and don’t forget to have a squiz at our informative dementia webpages.

Feel free to comment below. We are very interested in ideas on how the community can improve engagement with people living with dementia.