Recently, I read research from England that found most people would rather die or be diagnosed with cancer than have dementia.

If I was faced with the choice of dying or living with dementia – I would definitely choose ‘alive with dementia’.

Our Daughterly Care Caregivers embrace our Joyful Living Approach™ as it enables those living with dementia to enjoy activities they love.

These wonderful stories demonstrates that life doesn’t end with a dementia diagnosis.

The first example of our Joyful Living Approach™.

A successful businessman in his 90s comes home from work earlier than expected and what did he find?

He walks quietly through his front door to find his wife and her Daughterly Care Caregiver. They tell him what they have been up-to that day and tells us…


“My wife and her Caregiver were singing a duet in perfect harmony, it was one of my wife’s favourite songs. I had a tear in my eye, as for a moment my wife was as I had long known her. The Caregiver was playing our grand piano in the lounge room.  As his smile widened he continued… I hadn’t heard my wife sing for years.”

Yet another client has been caught in the act of Joyful Living with their Daughterly Care Caregiver.

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The second example of our Joyful Living Approach™.

A client’s daughter asked Daughterly Care to take her Mum for a walk around Long Reef Headland because her Mother really enjoys that walking track. Our Caregiver learnt that our client had always loved dogs, though she no longer had a dog.

On one particular walk, the Carer’s dog walker arrange to meet the Caregiver and the Elderly client at a bench along the walking track. This enabled the Elderly client to be introduced to the Carer’s German Shepherd, Hillary. The dog was quite old herself, but seeing Hillary and the Elderly client look into each other’s eye with a smile, truly captures our Joyful Living Approach.

This is one of my favourite photos because it captured perfectly that wonderful moment.

Yet another client has been caught in the act of Joyful Living with their Daughterly Care Caregiver.

The third example of our Joyful Living Approach™.

When the Husband of our client came home, he quietly came through the front door so he could see what his wife and her Caregiver got up-to when he is not there…

He told our Registered Nurse Case Manager… “They were in the kitchen with aprons on, the music turned right up and dancing while they were cooking!”

Yet another client has been caught in the act of Joyful Living.

Daughterly Care’s Joyful Living Approach™ focuses on the activities that resonates with each of our clients. The success of the program rests on two main elements. Our highly trained and very experienced Caregiver, as well as our High Care Case Manager who is meticulous in matching the most appropriate Caregiver with each of our clients.

Our approach comprises of several criteria and characteristics but the cornerstone of it’s great success is our Caregivers, Nurses, Case Managers and Care Coordinators.

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Daughterly Care Co-founder and Director Kate Lambert


Kylie Lambert

B.Ec F Fin
(known to her friends for 25 years as Kate)
Daughterly Care CEO, Co-Founder and Owner