What does a Government Subsidised Home Care Package cost?

What does a Government Subsidised Home Care Package cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions since de-regulation of the aged care industry on 27th February 2017. To compare like with like, the question you really want to know is, how many hours of care will I receive with you? Daughterly Care is 100% transparent with your Home Care Package fee. Below we show the Government Funding for each of the 4 Levels of in Home Care, our fee and the number of hours of care we provide for each level.

Our cost for the extra administration required by the Government is most commonly 20% pa. By completing one of the forms below, we will call or email you to explain our low competitive Home Care Package Management Fee.

“Government Funded clients now have the power that private paying clients have always enjoyed”

Due to brilliant Government Reforms that started on the 27th of February 2017, Government Funded Clients now have total control over their Government Funding, including the ability to transfer their Government Funding from their Current Approved Provider to a New Breed of Approved Provider like Daughterly Care Community Services who provides:

  • more hours of care;

  • Better quality Caregivers;

  • and better value aged care solutions.

We don’t charge:

  • a set-up fee;
  • an exit fee if you transfer to another Approved Provider. We only charge an exit fee to the Government for closing the package if an available balance of $500 is present;
  • a contingency fee;
  • a Home Care Package Management Fee on any privately paid care;
  • any secret undisclosed fees;
  • GST incorrectly; or
  • any fees on Unspent Funds transferred from your previous Approved Provider;
  • an exit fee if you transfer to another Approved Provider for Community Care. We only charge an exit fee if you are moving into a Nursing Home or a Group Home and there is $500 of unspent funds available.

If your Government Funded Home Care Package will be paying for your care and you can’t get through on our phone or it’s after our office hours i.e. 6pm to 7.30am Mon-Fri & weekends then please click here to complete a form and we will call you back during office hours:


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