2. What does a Government Subsidised Home Care Package cost? (or how many hours of support or care can I receive from my Home Care Package?)

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What does a Government Subsidised Home Care Package cost? This is one of the most frequently asked questions since de-regulation of the aged care industry started on 1 July 2015. To compare “like with like”, the question you really want answered is, “how many hours of care will I receive from you, if you are my Approved Provider?” Daughterly Care is 100% transparent with our Home Care Package cost. The first table below shows how many hours of care your Home Care Package will pay for when you use our Caregivers. 

How Many Hours of Care per Week Does a Government Subsidised Home Care Package through Daughterly Care Provide? (from 01/07/2021)

Home Care Package Level Hours^ Care Per Week No Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF)* Hours^ of Care Per Week With Cognitive Supplement
Level 1 2 2
Level 2 3.5 4
Level 3 8 9
Level 4 12 14
^These hours are an estimate based on Government Funding, paying for Monday to Friday Caregiver services during the day. If you want night or weekend care, Registered Nurse or Allied Health services, mileage, equipment hire and nursing resources paid by your Home Care Package it will use your budget, reducing the hours of care we can provide, paid for by your Government Funded Home Care Package. Before you sign a Home Care Package Agreement with Daughterly Care Community Services we give you a proposed budget and estimated amount that can be spent on care and services, including the hours of care your package can afford.

*If you are a full pensioner and you also elect not to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee, then having a Home Care Package does NOT cost you a cent of your own money.

If you are a part-pensioner or self-funded, you can also elect not to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee, however no Approved Provider can waive your Income Tested Care Fee, which will be advised by Services Australia.

What does Daughterly Care Community Services Charge for Management and Case Management of your in Home Care Package?

Daughterly Care’s cost for the extra administration, accounting, reporting, care plan documentation, care plan reviews and case management required by the Government’s Home Care Package Program is just 20% pa (and from 1/7/2019 16% for a Level 2). According to Chartered Accountants, Stewart Brown, the average fee charged by the industry is currently 34%pa.

This fee is deducted from your Government Funded Home Care Package and so has already been taken it into consideration in the hours above. You don’t pay this fee from your own pocket.

Major saving for private care clients:  If you need to top up your in Home Care Package with your own private care money for additional in home care and support services over what the Government funds, Daughterly Care Community Services does NOT charge any Home Care Package fee on any privately paid, voluntary or top up care fees that you add to your Home Care Package from your private care money. You just pay our private care fees.

This is a major benefit for our clients whose care needs exceeds the Government Funding as our audits of thousands of Home Care Package Monthly Statements found that all the Approved Providers we audited charged the Home Care Package Fees on the private care and voluntary top up fees when the client had a Home Care Package.

“Government Funded clients now have the power that private paying clients have always enjoyed”

Due to brilliant Government Reforms that fully started on the 27th of February 2017, Government Funded Clients now have greater control over their Government Funding, including the ability to transfer their Government Funded Home Care Package from their Current Approved Provider to a New Breed of Approved Provider like Daughterly Care Community Services who provides:

The Definitive Guide to Government Funded Consumer Directed In Home Aged Care Packages

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4. What are the costs of a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package?

5. What does Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package mean?

6. Consumers’ 9 New Rights under Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

7. How do you apply for a Government Subsidised Home Care Package?

8. Are you approved or assigned a Government Funded Home Care Package?

9. Should Self-Funded Seniors accept a Level 2 Home Care Package?

10. Should Self-Funded Seniors accept a Level 3 or 4 Home Care Package?

11. Should a Pensioner accept a Level 1 or 2 Home Care Package?

12. How do I start my Home Care Package?

13. How do I transfer my Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services?

14. How do I know if the Home Care Package fees I’m being charged are fair?

15. How will Consumer Directed Care (CDC) benefit my loved one?

16. Is Consumer Directed Care (CDC) working?

17. Will Consumer Directed Care (CDC) make it easier for my loved one to stay at home?

18. What happens to the Unspent Funds in my Government Funded / Subsidised Home Care Package?

19. If I hold a DVA Card can I have an In Home Care Package too?

20. Can I take leave from my Home Care Package?

21. Frequently asked questions about Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Packages

Discover the secret to getting more out of your Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package!

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Better service;
✔ Better quality Caregivers such as Bettina;
✔ Specialist services, Daughterly Care has 4 specialisations
✔ more hours of care;
✔ and better value aged care solutions that keep you out of the Nursing Home such as overnight care, live in care and 24 hour care.

Daughterly Care doesn’t charge:

  • a set-up fee;
  • a monthly compliance fee;
  • a monthly review fee;
  • a contingency fee;
  • a Quality Assurance or Compliance Fee;
  • a Home Care Package Management Fee on any privately paid, voluntary top-up care;
  • any secret undisclosed fees;
  • 10% GST incorrectly deducted from your Home Care Package; or
  • any fees on Unspent Funds transferred from your previous Approved Provider to us;
  • an exit fee if you transfer to another Approved Provider for Community Care in your home. (We only charge an exit fee of up to $500 if you are moving into a Nursing Home or a Group Home and only if there $500 of unspent funds available.)

If your Government Funded Home Care Package will be paying for your care and it’s after our office hours i.e. 6pm to 7.30am Mon-Fri & weekends then please click here to complete a form and we will call you back during office hours:


This is the Fee Schedule when your Government Subsidised Home Care Package pays for care


when you need in home aged care over and above what your Government funding pays for.

Effective 24 January 2022. We employ our Caregivers so you don’t have to be concerned about complying with award pay and conditions, superannuation, workers compensation, indemnity insurance, screening and training.

Pay by the Hour In Home Care

Nursing Assistant / Caregiver Per Hour
Weekdays 6am – 8pm $65.00
Weeknights 8pm – 6am $72.00
Saturday $86.00
Sunday $105.00
Registered Nurse Care
Per Hour
Weekdays 6am – 8pm $95.00
Weeknights 8pm – 6am $120.00
Saturday $140.00
Sunday $160.00
Public Holiday $230.00
Sleepover Inactive Care Per Night Additional*
Any day 10pm – 6am $165.00 + 4 hours service*

* 4 hours of active care must be booked to conform to Award requirements. These additional hours are added onto the service immediately prior and/or after based on the client’s needs. Note: To meet the award, an inactive sleepover night can include 1 quick up between 10pm and 6am. A second up will be charged at the hourly rate, with a minimum charge of one hour per up. Three or more ups from the third up to 6am the standard hourly care rate applies. Find out more about sleepover care.

Live in Care – Caregiver is On Hand for 24 hours and provides Active Care for 8 hours^ (also called 24 hour presence care)

Nursing Assistant / Caregiver Per 24 Hours
Monday – Friday $630.00
Saturday $658.80
Sunday $710.40
Public Holiday Double applicable rate

^Additional hours may be required for couples or for clients who require more than 8 hours of active care each 24 hours. Live in Care (LIC) is only possible where our Live in Carer can sleep through the night. Live in Care provides 8 hours of active care, when needed, over a 24 hour period. Our Live in Carer requires a separate bedroom and the client provides food for our Live in Carers. If food is not provided for our Live in Carers $50 per day is added to the invoice. Find out more about Live in CareDaughterly Care is Sydney’s leading provider of Live in Care with over 2.8+ million hours of live-in care provided.


24 Hour In Home Care

Nursing Assistant/Caregiver 24 Hour Care with Active Night Care 24 Hour Care with Inactive Nights
Weekdays $1,543.00 $1,168.00
Saturday $1,788.00 $1,357.00
Sunday $2,112.00 $1,573.00

Read more about our 24 Hour Care

Difference between 24 hour care and 24 hour live in care

Public or Peak Holiday Care
Public Holiday Double applicable rate
New Year’s Eve – From noon Double applicable rate (excluding Live in Care)
Christmas Eve – From noon Double applicable rate (excluding Live in Care)
Minimum Hours Per Booking
Pay by the Hourly Caregiver 2 Hours
Enrolled or Registered Nurse Service 1 Hour
Live in Carer 48 Hours
Mileage in Carer’s Car $1.30 per kilometre
Third Party Services 10% processing fee. Please note 10% GST is not deducted from your Home Care Package.

*The prices shown above, all exclude GST as all services paid by your Government Home Care Package are GST free.

Is your Current Approved Provider of your Government Subsidised Home Care Package taking financial advantage of you?

Many have been and continue to. Read these blogs which include evidence to education you, to ensure you are not ripped off:

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Home Care Packages Government funded funding subsidised inhome in-home

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