From the hospital to in home care

Have you been told that you, your spouse, parent, relative or friend “has to go to a nursing home”?

In Home Care is a far better alternative to a nursing home.

Are you or your loved one (such as your wife or husband) about to be released from the hospital and require private or government funded personal In Home Care?

Minimise the stress and the heartache with private or Government funded in-home care. Before you do anything... talk to us!

Don’t go to a nursing home! Try our Live in Care or private In Home Care services.

Make the recovery process simple and easy.

To return home safely and for the long term – sometimes you need more than a 3 hour ‘hospital to home’ care.

In our 24 years of experience in supporting the elderly to remain in their homes or providing a private nurse for patients who have come out of the hospital, if you return home with ‘very little care’ you could be ‘setting yourself up to fail’. At this stage, a nursing home seems the only solution but it isn’t! You may also require additional care but don’t want to stay at the hospital. Daughterly Care will guide and advise you of the steps you need to take in order to remain at home, for as long as possible.

Generally the far better option is to have ‘more care upfront’ to adequately set yourself up to succeed at ‘staying at home’ for life… as well as restore your health and re-enable yourself.

Daughterly Care’s Live in Home Care service can resettle you back at home, restore your confidence, improve your nutrition and re-enable daily living skills so that after a period of time – you no longer need our Live in Care. Once you have settled back at home from the hospital, you will be able to reduce our private or government funded home care to morning and late afternoon services.

We are genuinely passionate about getting the elderly or former hospital patient back on their feet. Daughterly Care’s skills, knowledge and experience are exquisitely tuned to provide premium home care. Our private or government funded services are flexible to suit your or your loved one’s situation so you can have the freedom and peace of mind to manage your or your loved one’s care.

We invite you to experience our unique Pay By The Hour, Live In or Nursing services.

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To the director of Daughterly Care

This is a BIG thank you to you and your organisation for the care and understanding given to us in caring for my husband. I want to say that Phyllis and Kim were outstanding with their care. They were all able to include him in their conversations, made him do his exercises and were generally part of the family. When he left the Nursing Home he needed a lot of attention and was given that and much more.

With much appreciation

Mrs H of Turramurra on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Note from Kate: After being hospitalised, Mr H was placed into a Nursing Home, where he deteriorated. We bought him home from the Nursing Home, provided care and encouraging exercises to rebuild his strength. Eventually, our services were no longer needed which enabled he and his wife to go on a wonderful cruising holiday!

Now that’s the restorative, re-enabling or wellness focused aged care the Government reforms are designed to encourage.

3 December 2014 – Phone call from a very grateful 93 year old client

“You must keep my in home carer, Nicole. You need to know, I’ve been meaning to call you for a while now and just haven’t mustered up the time. I’d like you to know how grateful I am that you have been sending me Nicole. I came out of hospital and she turned up, and I thought ‘huh’! How special she has turned out to be, so thoughtful, so kind, she just somehow anticipates my needs. She really does look out for me – you know and really takes time to look after me.

The other people in the past have been good to me, but she is really splendid.

Can you please keep sending her to me as it has made a big difference in my life? Her nature is so loving and giving and it means a lot to me each morning to know she will come. I’ve mustered up the time now, but don’t take her away, I’d hate to have said this and someone else gets to have her.

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