13. How do I transfer my Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services?

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Transferring your Home Care Package from your Current Approved Provider to a new-breed of Approved Provider like Daughterly Care Community Services (DCCS) is easy, especially if you follow these instructions.

ALERT: Did your Home Care Package start before 1 July 2014?

If yes, you don’t have to pay any income tested care fee if you are self-funded so it’s critical we transfer your package to DCCS within 28 days of you leaving your old Approved Provider so that you retain your income-test-fee exemption.

The “start date” with us will be the “agreed last day” with your old Approved Provider.

ALERT: Did the Home Care Package start before 1 July 2013 and your Loved One had “dementia”?

If you had an EACHD package then you will be entitled to the EACHD supplement. Make sure you tell us. We should be able to see the EACHD supplement on your Current Home Care Package Monthly Statement.

Step 1. Should you transfer your Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services (DCCS)?

There are 2 main reasons to transfer your Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services:

1. Access to our superior service, Caregivers, High Care Case Managers and Registered Nurses

Read 14 reasons to choose Daughterly Care

Meet 21 of our naturally warm exceptional Caregivers

Companies can write anything on their website – but you have to deliver – read our recent unprompted feedback from clients and our Client Survey Results – we don’t write those pages of our website – our clients do.

2. Access to better value from your Home Care Package…let us help you work it out…

Over 100 older Australians have transferred their Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services since February 2017 when the Consumer Directed Care Reforms started in full, but we are not the right fit for everyone.  We only operate in certain areas. Our minimum service per booking is 2 hours and if all you want is a cleaning service – we are not the best Approved Provider for you – we are exceptional Caregivers who specialise in keeping Elders out of the Nursing Home with superior quality in home care.

dementia private live-in specialisations

Not sure if we are good value?  Email us your last 3 Approved Provider Home Care Package Monthly Statements to review.

Kate will audit these and determine if there is any financial benefit in transferring to us (so far, we have recommended one client stay where they are, everyone else has benefited financially by transferring).

Kate loves auditing Home Care Package Monthly Statements and she will look for:

✓ Common over-charging errors that Kate knows of from auditing THOUSANDS of Home Care Package Monthly Statements

✓ GST incorrectly deducted from your Home Care Package

✓ Fees deducted from your Home Care Package which were not disclosed.

Step 2. Let’s meet to explore the benefit of transferring

If we identify that you are financially better off where you are, we will advise you of that. On rare occasions there is a financially neutral position yet Elders decide to transfer anyway based on factors such as;

  • Access to our mature quality Caregivers who speak English and relate well to our clients;

  • Improved communication and service levels from Co-Ordinators and Case Managers;

  • Increased convenience & privacy from dealing with just one company;

  • Elimination of duplicated co-ordination and case management;

If we identify that you are financially better off transferring to Daughterly Care, then let’s get together and discuss that option (cost and obligation free):

We will go through all the Government mandated paperwork and discuss:

  • Your Home Care Provider Agreement;

  • Develop your Care Plan with you for your Home Care Package funding;

  • Discuss your budget; and

  • Select the first day of your services.

Step 3. How to transfer

3a. You will need to do the following:

  • Sign our Home Care Agreement (if you didn’t do that in Step 2);

  • Ring My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to inform them you are transferring to a new provider and will need your referral code. Ring or email that code through to us. This code is just for Daughterly Care Community Services to access your file on the Government Portal. Don’t give that code to your Current Approved Provider;

Alternatively, you may have a copy of your Government Home Care Package letter that shows your Referral Number.

We use this number to look up your details on the My Aged Care’s secure website.

Warning: Brand new clients to Daughterly Care Community Services do not give notice to your Current Approved Provider until we have said we can take you on as a client.
  • Give the minimum notice required to your Current Approved Provider . (The required notice period is determined by the Home Care Agreement you signed with your Current Approved Provider). You also need to advise them of Daughterly Care’s bank account details to transfer your Unspent Funds. We don’t put our bank details online. Email Amy for a pro-forma termination letter: services@dccommunityservices.com.au;

  • Tell Daughterly Care Community Services (DCCS) of your “agreed last date” with your Current Approved Provider. This will be the “start date” of your Home Care Agreement with Daughterly Care too.

Medicare Details – please provide the following information:

  • Your Medicare number;
  • The expiry date;
  • The reference number (the number next to your name e.g. 3);

We use this to claim your Government Funding through Medicare. Please email us a photo of your card, so there is no transposition errors in your Medicare number.

Are you a Full Pensioner, Part Pensioner or Self-Funded?

Please email us a copy of your Fee Advice Letter for Home Care from the Department of Human Services (DHS) or Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

This letter advises us how much the Government requires you to contribute towards your Home Care Package.

The Fee Advice letter looks like this:

Fee advice letter from Department of Human Services

If you are a Pensioner or Part Pensioner then just ring the Department of Human Services (or DVA) and they will send this to you.

Time Saving Tip: If you are 100% Self-funded, which is explained on this page you don’t actually have to complete the whole 19 page SA456 form, you can just write complete your name and answer NO at question 14, because you are fully Self-funded you will pay the Maximum Income Tested Care Fee anyway.

ALERT: If you are close to the self-funded threshold it will be worth completing the form.

If you are a Pensioner and you can’t afford to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee of $11.26 per day then you can apply to the Government for a Hardship Supplement.

If your Home Care Package started on 1 July 2014 or later and you can’t afford to pay the Basic Daily Care Fee then you may be eligible to apply for a Hardship Supplement.

Click here for more information regarding the Hardship Supplement.

Click here for the Hardship Supplement Form (sa462)

Do you receive a Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) pension?

Do you hold a DVA Gold, White or Orange card?

Please email us a photo of your DVA card.

Department of veterans affairs cards

Step 4. Receiving your Unspent Funds from your Former Approved Provider

Your Former Approved Provider has 56 calendar days to send you a Statement of Unspent Funds stating how much will be transferred to Daughterly Care Community Services.

Action: As soon as you receive this Statement, forward a copy to Daughterly Care Community Services so that we can ensure it looks in the “ball-park” of what was expected and also so we can ensure it is received by us and allocated to your next Home Care Package Monthly Statement.

Your Former Approved Provider has 20 days after the 56 days to pay the Unspent Funds to us for you. We will email you what they paid us soon as it arrives. Daughterly Care does not charge any fee ever on Unspent Funds transferred to us.

home care package unspent funds
duration to receive unspent funds transferred from former approved provider

Conclusion: It can take 90 to 106 days to receive the transferred Unspent Funds from the Former Approved Provider from the date you give notice to your Current Approved Provider.

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