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Do people still talk to you? – Living with dementia

It's so important to listen to the lived experience of people living with dementia. George Rook, from the UK, is an activist working to improve life for people living with dementia. George started sharing his lived experience of dementia online in 2014 when he was diagnosed at just 63. In this post he shares a conversation he had with the daughter of a lady diagnosed with dementia. It is really worth the 3 minutes it will take for you to read.
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10,000 Boost to number of High Care Home Care Packages for Older Australians

Two days ago (17/12/2018), just in time for Christmas, the Government announced good news for two groups of older Australians:

seniors who are already in receipt of a Home Care Package, Level 1, 2 or 3 will […]

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New Northern Beaches Hospital opens

Hello Care Workers and Clients,

The BRAND NEW Northern Beaches hospital at Frenchs Forest opens at 7am on Tuesday, 30 October 2018. You need to read the letter below in case you have to manage an […]

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When it comes to dementia …

(By Frank Featherstone – the husband of one of our clients)
No means no – but it ain’t necessarily so…
Once upon a time it was easy for a husband to lead his lady up the garden […]

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It’s hard for a husband but worse for a wife

(By Frank Featherstone – the husband of one of our clients)

Suddenly you’re as old as the calendar says you are. And you’re starting to feel it. You’re no longer a threat to tennis champion, Federer, […]

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We started Daughterly Care 20 years ago…because home was a better option than the Nursing Home

Today is the beginning of a public reckoning of Australia’s aged care industry with a two-part program called “Who Cares?” airing on 4 Corners on ABC TONIGHT at 8.30pm, revealing their findings from a special […]

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Dementia Awareness Month 2018 – Small Actions. Big Difference

The arrival of Spring is a celebration of new life and it is also an opportunity for all Australians to grow in our personal understanding of the condition of dementia – the second highest cause […]

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Waiting for a Home Care Package?

My Aged Care now sends a Home Care Readiness Letter 90 days before your Package is assigned
If you are currently “approved” for a Home Care Package and you are on the National Queue waiting for […]

How I stopped my elderly mother from being mean to me

Hello Daughterly Care Carers and the families of our clients living with a dementia diagnosis,

Happy New YearLet’s make 2018 a great year for us all and to that end I would like to introduce to […]

Are your elderly parents coping? – 20 warning signs to watch for

This Festive Season Busy Adult Children will Discover their Elderly Parents are not Coping
When busy adult children spend extended time with their elderly parents this Christmas and New Year Season they may notice that their […]