Daughterly Care is no longer required to issue a Payment Summary

Hello Daughterly Care Employees (not customers)

We have received this email from the Australian Tax Office.  They wanted to let you know that employers are no longer required to provide their Employees a Payment Summary (old name was Group Certificate) and now they call it an Income Statement.  You can read the details below and on […]

Do people still talk to you? – Living with dementia

It's so important to listen to the lived experience of people living with dementia. George Rook, from the UK, is an activist working to improve life for people living with dementia. George started sharing his lived experience of dementia online in 2014 when he was diagnosed at just 63. In this post he shares a conversation he had with the daughter of a lady diagnosed with dementia. It is really worth the 3 minutes it will take for you to read.

10,000 Boost to number of High Care Home Care Packages for Older Australians

Two days ago (17/12/2018), just in time for Christmas, the Government announced good news for two groups of older Australians:

  1. seniors who are already in receipt of a Home Care Package, Level 1, 2 or 3 will have their Basic Daily Care Fee reduced; and
  1. 10,000 seniors who have been waiting on the National Queue to receive in home […]

New Northern Beaches Hospital opens

Hello Care Workers and Clients,

The BRAND NEW Northern Beaches hospital at Frenchs Forest opens at 7am on Tuesday, 30 October 2018. You need to read the letter below in case you have to manage an emergency or take a client to the hospital or visit a client already in hospital.

[separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”5″ bottom_margin=”5″ sep_color=”” […]

When it comes to dementia …

(By Frank Featherstone – the husband of one of our clients)

No means no – but it ain’t necessarily so…

Once upon a time it was easy for a husband to lead his lady up the garden path and she’d go with alacrity. But like many things now it would seem that the “No” word […]

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