Music for people living with Parkinson’s

"The benefits of being in Parkinson's choir is that it helps them with their voice, the delay in their voice," she said.

Are Dementia ‘Behaviours’ A Result Of The Way Residents Are Treated?

One of the simplest and most effective analogies that I have ever heard used to describe dementia was that if you liken a person’s brain to a regular set of traffic lights – the average person processes thoughts in ‘green’ and ‘red,’ but living with dementia is like being stuck in ‘amber.’

Has your Income Tested Care Fee for your Government Subsidised Home Care Package been reduced by the lower deeming rates effective from 1/7/2019?

Daughterly Care received this update from the Department of Health on 13 August 2019.  It states that lowered deeming rates have been back-dated to 1/7/2019 by the Department of Human Services.

Deeming rates are used to calculate your ‘deemed income’ from your ‘financial assets’ by Centrelink to decide if you are:

  • self-funded;
  • […]

We can have the aged care we need: Dr Olivia Ball

Source: Australian Ageing Agenda

More than 16,000 elderly people died waiting for home care in 2017-18. We can and must do better, writes Dr Olivia Ball

The aged care royal commission in Mildura this week focused on the experience of informal and unpaid carers of elderly people in our […]

Claiming the Medical Offset Tax Rebate for your in home care costs

If you are a pensioner whose Home Care Package pays for your in home care and you don’t pay additional private care fees to us, then you don’t need to read this article.

If you are a client who:

  1. pays for care privately; or
  2. you have a Home Care Package with us and you pay an Income Tested Care […]
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