Why We Started Daughterly Care

We believe you should be able to live independently with dignity and privacy in the comfort of your own home for life. That’s why our Joyful Living Approach™ is at the centre of our In Home Care service.

We started Daughterly Care because Nurse Verlie did not like the way she saw Elders being treated in the Nursing Home where she worked. She certainly didn’t want her mother treated with such lack of genuine care, dignity and respect.

We wanted to care for Older Adults with a high level of genuine kindness, like a loving Daughter would care for their parent. Hence the name, Daughterly Care.

We care like Daughters.

Discover more about us in Daughterly Care … THE UNTOLD STORY 

Here is a list of nicknames our clients have “affectionately” gifted to us over the past 24 years …

  • Daughters of the Heart
  • Everyone’s Daughter
  • Darling Daughters
  • Daughterly Love
  • Dear Daughters
  • Daughters of Care
  • Caring Daughters
  • Nursing Daughters
  • Daughterly Nurses
  • Daughter Care
  • Compassionate Daughters
  • Attentive Daughters
  • The Driving Miss Daisies!
  • Motherly Care
  • Caring Mothers
  • Sisterly Care
  • Nursing Sisters
  • Caring Sisters
  • The Daughters
  • The Care Daughters
  • Heavenly Care

The original and only Daughters of Care

Kylie Kate Lambert Daughterly Care co-founder and Home Care Package expert

Kate Lambert

Co-founder and CEO

Verlie Hall Daughterly Care co-founder and registered nurse

Verlie Hall

Registered Nurse,
Co-founder and Managing Director

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