In Home Care Client Survey Results 2015

Our 2015 in home care client survey results are in and the owners of Daughterly Care, Verlie and Kate, are very proud of how our clients have rated our service and Caregivers. 100% of clients rated our service as exceptional or exceeded expectations, above expectations or met expectations. Proof from the Elders and their families that Daughterly Care provides the best in home aged care services in Mosman and surrounds, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Hunters Hill and surrounds and Eastern Suburbs:

recommend Daughterly Care to a loved one

98% of Daughterly Care clients would recommend us as a company who would care exceptionally well for you or your loved one.

recommend Daughterly Care to friends and colleagues

98% of Daughterly Care clients would recommend us to their friends or colleagues.

Daughterly Care has quality Caregivers

96% of Daughterly Care clients strongly agree, or agree, we have quality Caregivers

overall rating of Daughterly Care service

86% of Daughterly Care clients rated our service as either exceptional or exceeds expectations a further 14% said we met expectations.

What exactly stood out as being exceptional about Daughterly Care Caregivers?


  • Going the extra mile
  • Reason I nominated “exceeds expectation” is the flexibility of your carers + they make creatively to provide an enjoyable caring experience.
  • The Caregivers have great skills whether in cooking, cleaning or baking. – They do it with a pleasant attitude. Nothing is too much trouble!
  • Willingness to oblige & friendliness
  • Their good nature
  • Your driver Wendy has a lot of patience for me.
  • The fact that I have the same carer every week is of the greatest help.
  • Able to talk with us happily, is helpful in every way.
  • Caregivers’ sunny nature, courtesy and willingness.
  • Gina is very competent and always most agreeable
  • We have had 3 carers. One exceptional and two that were satisfactory but mum didn’t get on with
  • We have great outings and delicious food.
  • Their concern for my wife’s happiness and mood
  • Professional, dedicated, very easy to work with and very engaging and communicative.
  • The Caregiver, Sue, had great empathy with my husband.
  • Carmel, Bertie and Wendy are all outstanding.  They read Dad well and sense how he likes to be cared for and adapt as required.
  • They encourage Dad to do things for himself but cover for him when he doesn’t.  They communicate very well with both Dad and the family.
  • And they do extra things with food and activities and just keeping Dad happy and in good routines.  Dad really likes them and so does the family.
  • Punctual and caring. Trying hard to give appropriate support services. Fitting in with needs of the client.
  • Happy to fit in with family plans
  • Wonderful women who care
  • They try very hard to keep Mum happy.
  • Quick response to urgent requirement
  • Amazing carers with great internal staff to help!
  • Wonderful connected human beings, loved every one of them.
  • I have only had one Caregiver – was most helpful and very nice indeed.
  • Caring, patient. Understanding of client’s needs and frustrations.  Waited with client after shift had finished as client’s partner was taken to hospital in the middle of the night. Carer wouldn’t leave client until someone could come and look after him. As we had to drive from the country this took a number of hours.  Very grateful.
  • Going above and beyond in caregiving e.g. cleaning up faeces after an accident and not leaving a mess for the family to deal with.
  • The ladies that you have chosen to look after Joy are all fabulous / different personalities and all are intelligent and interesting conversationalists with Joy.
  • The care and dedication of your carer is fantastic.
  • My mum sees her carer as a friend which is lovely.
  • I totally trust the carer both in her honesty and her care of mum.
  • She helps me sleep at night knowing that I don’t just rely on a nursing home to do the right thing and myself to pick up any problems but I have a dedicated friend looking out for mum’s interests as well.
  • I’m not really there to see Gina in action, but Dad said she’s “brilliant” and seems really happy with her. So am I, as it takes a huge load off Dad and I know that she is being cared for when I and my brother are at work (or caring for our other large families).
  • Dad often tells me that Gina cooked a good meal, managed to wash Mum (extremely difficult) or took her to certain appointments. It’s a wonderful service and they are very happy with Gina.
  • The carers are devoted to their client they almost own them!!!
  • Their kindness, patience and clear communication.
  • All the Caregivers have been gentle and kind and strongly focused on providing a great service.
  • Their friendliness, compassion and knowledge about dementia.
  • They are always willing to go the extra mile and show kindness to Mum.
  • They are also very happy to fit in with the family and they are reliable.
  • They are all patient, trustworthy and show tolerance and compassion.
  • Short-term Caregivers mostly able to step into a strange place and deal with a strangely behaved person long term caregivers engage with my mother as she is and encourage and stimulate her as well as managing her personal care needs
  • They were all very pleasant people to have in the house and did their job well.
  • They are so competent and caring. I’ve been able to relax for the first time in many years as I can visit without needing to do a lot of other things.
  • They are quite simply, terrific!
  • Their desire to engage with and encourage my mother personally, and their persistence in working with her to solve problems.
  • Matching of carers with clients very well from personality perspective.
  • Carers very flexible and provide fabulous care. Nothing too much trouble.
  • Using initiative to follow up on incidents/ situations they were concerned about.
  • Offering care in an atmosphere of support and friendship

With reference to Daughterly Care’s ‘service’, what are you most satisfied with?

  • Reliable! Very, very important!!!
  • That you actually read our care plan that we have put a lot of time into + you are not afraid to add or make suggestions for a better approach. i.e. your carers are forthcoming re improvements. “Our eyes and ears” when we cannot be there to understand the experience day to day needs.
  • Everything works – even if I cancel!
  • Attention to detail.
  • The ability that I can be taken anywhere. When the girls are here I feel safe and looked after.
  • Your driver Wendy.
  • The exceptional help from a regular carer.
  • General attitude and helpfulness.
  • Phone cooperation at all times
  • Courtesy.
  • Everything.
  • Reliability.
  • The carer has nearly become one of the family.
  • Immediate response to any health concerns and my daily needs.
  • Office staff.
  • Punctuality, relationship with my wife in difficult circumstances, handling mood swings
  • Professionalism. Fulsome feedback service for each visit.
  • Prompt professional service with thoughtful consideration to matching your staff member to satisfy my needs.
  • It was all good
  • Really making the effort to understand Dad’s needs and connect with him.
  • Providing the amount and type of care the client needs.
  • Happy to stay full time to keep an eye on things.
  • Well run organisation.
  • The fact that mum can stay at home in her own place and get out & about as much as possible.
  • As per the other question – amazing with great internal staff to help.
  • The prompt attention required.
  • General friendliness and kindness in helping me tidy up.
  • Caring and understanding attitude and willingness to go above and beyond.
  • Responsiveness to any changes or follow up of issues.
  • The coordinators I’ve dealt with understand my situation and I believe they have my mother’s best interests at heart.
  • The attention and love each lady brings to Joy and the fact that they are all interested in keeping her interests alive by taking her on visits to the gallery and movies etc.
  • Continuity of carer. Professionalism and friendliness a great team in the office and a carer on the spot, all of whom who are able to answer my questions and who work with me to do what is best for Mum. I also like the newsletters/ emails which are very informative.
  • The comfort of knowing that Mum is not alone when Dad often pops out and that if anything needs attention one of us will be alerted.
  • Also that Mum has a kind and trustworthy carer.
  • The care given.
  • The real “care” given.
  • Speed of response when we have had last minute requests, even over the weekend. All the Caregivers have been service focused and very aware of their role and have also been very caring.
  • Hourly Caregivers.
  • The whole experience.
  • Always having someone to contact if problems arise and the ability to get any issues resolved quickly.
  • Your ability to find another carer at short notice to cover when our normal carers are unable to come.
  • On the few occasions that we had a carer that was not was fitting into the household, your ability to have them removed quickly.
  • Reliability, I can be sure that someone is keeping my mother clean and fed and generally looked after personal characteristics of long term Caregivers to whom my mother has become greatly attached and who have been very on-the-ball in looking after her.
  • Current quality of staff, caring and punctuality.
  • Compassion, kindness and competence.
  • Good level of flexibility and dementia knowledge.
  • The quality of the Caregivers.
  • Responsiveness. Flexible.
  • Reliability of carers and provision of alternative carers when a regular carer is unavailable.

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