What does private in home care cost?

Our schedule of fees for private in home care is half way down this page. Read on. If you will be paying for your in home care yourself i.e. you are a private care client then no ACAT assessment is needed; and you don’t have to ring My Aged Care first;

Daughterly Care has specialised in servicing private in home care clients for 24 years. There are many more than 14 reasons to choose us, but here are 14 reasons.

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Our Pay by the hour carers and Live in Carers are exceptional. Our private Registered Nurses and High Care Case Managers will minimise hospitalisations and delay nursing home placement.

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We understand private in home care clients and we have a reputation for offering the best quality in home care, especially for high care elderly clients who don’t want to move to a Nursing Home.

Our expert private home nursing care in addition to your Government Funded Home Care Package keeps seniors and elderly people out of nursing homes for life.

When you start with Daughterly Care as a private care client, we will guide you through the process of applying for a Government Funded Home Care Package, if you don’t already have one, so you don’t miss out on your universal health care entitlement. Even self-funded elders are eligible for a Government Subsidised Home Care Package.

In home care is health care for elders.

If you are a private paying client ring us on 02 9970 7333.

If it is outside our office hours i.e. 6pm to 7.30am then please complete this form and we will ring you back during office hours:

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Our private care fees are below or we can provide a personalised quote for you.

Schedule of Fees for Private Care Clients, excluding GST

Effective 24 July 2023

We employ our Caregivers so you don’t have to be concerned by meeting award pay and conditions, superannuation, workers compensation, indemnity insurance, screening and training.

Pay by the Hour Private In Home Care


Hourly Care

Nursing Assistant / Caregiver

2 hour min. per booking

Normal Per Hour

6 hour min. per booking

Per Hour

Weekdays 6am – 8pm $84.50 $79.20
Weeknights 8pm – 6am $92.65 $87.25
Saturday $108.90 $103.50
Sunday $131.10 $125.70
Public Holiday $170.20 $159.45
Overtime Rate $ 131.10 $125.70


Registered Nurse Care
Per Hour
Weekdays 6am – 8pm $130.00
Weeknights 8pm – 6am $140.00
Saturday $150.00
Sunday $170.00
Public Holiday $250.00
Sleepover Inactive Care Per Night Additional*
Any day 10pm – 6am $202.40 + 4 hours service*
Public Holiday $406.96 + 4 hours service*

* 4 hours of active care must be booked to conform to Award requirements. These additional hours are added onto the service immediately prior and/or after, based on the client’s needs. Note: To meet the award, an inactive sleepover night can include one up, up to one hour long between 10pm and 6am. All ups after the first up, will be charged at the hourly rate, with a minimum charge of one hour per up, at the applicable rate.

Live in Care – On Hand for 24 hours, Active Care for 8 hours^ (also called 24 hour Presence Care)

^Additional hours of care will need to be purchased where your care needs exceed 8 hours of active care per 24 hours. For example, where you require care during the day and night, or for couples both needing care etc. Extra hours of care are charged at the Nursing Assistant/Caregiver rate, (i.e., the top table). If a service finishes before the 24 hours, but our Live-in Caregiver has provided 8 hours of care or less than 48 hours’ notice was given, then the full fee applies. (Cost per week with no Public Holidays is $5,630.40).


24 Hour In Home Care per week

Nursing Assistant/Caregiver 24 Hour Care with Active Night Care 24 Hour Care with Inactive Nights
7 days & nights, no Public Holidays $15,407.30 $11,500.50

Read more about our 24 Hour Care

The difference between 24 hour care and 24 hour live in care

Minimum Hours Per Booking
Pay by the Hourly Caregiver 2 Hours
Enrolled or Registered Nurse Service 1 Hour
Live in Carer 48 Hours
Mileage in Carer’s Car $1.40 per kilometre

* The prices shown above, all exclude GST. Personal care and respite services are GST exempt. Domestic assistance and shopping only services and mileage are NOT GST exempt. However, all services paid by a Government Subsidised Home Care Packagee are GST free.


Cancellation Fees 

Please give as much notice as possible when our services are not needed so that we can organise other work for our Caregiver.  

Please make all cancellations via our office on (02) 9970 7333 and not to our Caregivers directly. Do not email cancellations if you are giving less than 48 hours’ notice.

Cancellation messages can be left on (02) 9970 7333 after business hours as this number is monitored 24 hours a day.      

To avoid a cancellation fee, please give us 48 hours’ notice.   

Notice Required Cancellation Fee
Less than 24 hours’ notice The cost of the service booked

Work Health & Safety

The WHS Act of 2012 prohibits employers from allowing employees to work in unsafe ways. Unfortunately, a client’s health can decline very quickly placing employees’ backs/necks at risk as they take the client’s weight when trying to lift / transfer / mobilise the client.   

Our employees are very caring and always want to help even when their own health is at risk, however, it is a breach of the legislation for us to allow our employees to do so.  In such circumstances, if the client wishes to remain at home a professional assessment by an Occupational Therapist (OT) (at the client’s cost) may be required to assess what equipment needs to be hired for tasks to be safely completed. In an institution, a client’s decline can be handled instantly as the equipment required is wheeled across the room, as soon as the decline happens.   

When a client’s health living in the community declines quickly it is essential the family/referral source advise Daughterly Care Community Services of the decline prior to us coming in as equipment may be required. To avoid services being put ‘on hold’ until an assessment is completed it is prudent for an OT assessment to be undertaken as soon as a significant decline is experienced, especially when it is likely the decline will continue further. OT assessments are provided free of charge by the Aged Care Assessment Team (waiting list) or quickly by a private OT. Where an OT assessment is done, Daughterly Care Community Services will need a copy of the written report and our Care Manager must attend the assessment.  

Please advise us of anything about your home that might affect the safety of our employees, for example, but not limited to: broken/uneven paths, outside paths not lit at night, water/moss on paths, power points that shoot blue flames or have broken switches, lights not working inside, faulty appliances, appliances with exposed/frayed cords, broken stairs, loose/missing balustrades, slippery floor, pipes which leak water over floor, tripping hazards (slippery floor, mats).  

Please advise if the client or their family smoke inside the home, or have pets.  We do have Caregivers who will work with smokers, and pets however as some Carers do not, we need to know in advance.   


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Nursing Assistant / Caregiver Per 24 Hours
Monday – Friday $780.00
Saturday $849.60
Sunday $880.80
Public Holiday $1,369.92