Daughterly Care has the best in home care Caregivers and Live in Carers

Daughterly Care is a boutique provider of the very best in home care in Sydney because we employ only the very best in home care Caregivers. Our pay by the hour Caregivers and 24hr Live in Carers provide private care and Government funded in home care via your Consumer Directed Home Care Package. We are very careful who we employ because we offer a service guarantee that if you are not satisfied with them, we will not charge for that in home nursing service.

We set 7 hurdles for potential Caregivers and Live in Carers to pass. Only 1 in 100 carer applicants pass our first two hurdles. (By the way, most of the Caregivers who don’t pass do have a Certificate III in Home and Community Care or Certificate III in Aged Care -but they have nowhere near the right in home care experience, attitude and communication skills Daughterly Care requires).

It takes a very special type of person to be a skilled and emotionally intelligent Caregiver or Live in Carer, that’s why we select only the best to join our Daughterly Care team.

The right care in place results in reduced hospitalisation

With Daughterly Care you don’t just benefit from the attentive home nursing care of our exceptional Caregivers, you also benefit from an experienced team of professional and experienced Registered Nurses; hourly in home Care Managers and High Care Case Managers, who coach, advise, train and supervise our hourly and live-in carers.

We know from evidence-based research, from international best practice in home care models, and from our own 24 years’ of experience supporting elderly Australians that Experienced Caregivers + Registered Nurses working together with your doctor results in less hospitalisations, less nursing home placements or far shorter nursing home placements. This means Older Australians enjoy a far better quality of life and health whilst remaining at home for many more years.

We employ mature women, who are blessed with uncommon common sense, compassion and the best home nursing experience to care for the needs of elderly people.

In addition to meeting our stringent experience, reference and police check criteria, our hourly and live-in carers have to be gifted with a genuine regard for the needs of our Seniors.

We care for you as if we were your Daughter.

Daughterly Care’s Live in Carers

Our Live in Carers provide the best quality in home care for high care clients. They have a wealth of knowledge, experience and are truly passionate about delivering the best elder care.

Wendy and Margaret are only 2 of our 90 exceptional Live in Carers. Like all our Live in Carers they have been long-standing Daughterly Care Caregivers so their strengths (and weaknesses) are well-known to us, which is essential in the matching process. They are professional and qualified support workers who view their role as being to re-enable, enable, support, care for and palliate their Live in Care clients.

Extensive aged care experience combined with regular and valuable training equips our Live in Carers with the skills to provide bespoke, truly person-centred, in home aged care in the comfort and familiarity of the client’s own home. Our Live in Care clients live joyfully in their home, their way, for all their lives. Our Live in Carers are very special people with huge skill sets and experience who enable that.

Meet more Daughterly Care Live in Carers below our service guarantee.

Professionally Trained Caregivers

Daughterly Care invests in our Caregivers and Live in Carers by providing leading edge training that makes a real difference to their support and in home aged care abilities. For example in the last 5 years our Caregivers and Live in Carers successfully completed 5,288 training sessions and assessments. In the 2018 financial year we were the first community care organisation in Australia to accredit our Caregivers and Live in Carers with an internationally renowned, evidence-based best practice dementia care model, Montessori Aged Care.

In the last 5 years, we issued 5,288 successful assessment certificates to our Caregivers.

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Service Guarantee 100% Service Guarantee

We take a lot of care matching our clients with our Caregivers and Live in Carers. If you are not satisfied with the in home carer we choose, we will provide a replacement and refund the cost of the service in full.

The ability to employ exceptional Caregivers is a skill that comes over time and we have developed our expertise over 24 years. It’s the ability to find mature people with valuable life experience, common sense, compassion, empathy, patience, emotional intelligence, the ability to relate to people from all walks of life with all manner of differing abilities, resilience and finally a positive outlook, positive energy and a joy of living.

A quick review of our recent unprompted feedback from clients and their families as well as the results of our 2020 Client Survey which confirms that Daughterly Care Caregivers really are exceptional.

An Approved Provider Co-ordinator was praising one of our Caregivers and she said, “the client was really happy with Toni, she is just so you guys”. I asked what that meant and she answered “so like a Daughter”.