Experience counts when it comes to the very best in home care

Daughterly Care’s expert In Home Care Managers, High Care Case Managers and Private Nurses case manage the very best in home care. Choose only the very best Private Nurses and Caregivers to provide safe and compassionate in home care for your parent or loved one. Daughterly Care enjoys an outstanding reputation and that’s why 73% of our new clients are referred to us by health professionals, Trustee Companies and most importantly, our existing private clients and their families. The other 27% of new clients have the good fortune to stumble across us.

Daughterly Care has been providing Consumer Directed Care for private care clients for over 24 years. We have earned a reputation for providing compassionate, professional and kind Caregivers trained to support people living with forgetfulness, memory loss and dementia.  In addition, we also provide many hours of private nursing and aged care for frail Elders and people with disabilities.

People living with forgetfulness, memory loss, confusion and dementia need Private Nurses, Caregivers, Co-ordinators and High Care Case Managers with:

  • A high level of experience;
  • Specific dementia training;
  • Extra patience; and
  • A high degree of compassion

This is why our Case Management really makes a difference to the quality of the private in home care we provide.

Our 200 Private Nurses and Caregivers are Dementia and Elder Care specialists. Importantly, our Caregivers are supported by a team of High Care Case Managers, Registered Private Nurses & Care Managers committed to providing a high quality service for our clients, their families and giving strong support to our Caregivers.

Over 7,100 families have trusted us to care for their loved ones so take advantage of our Confidential Free In Home Consultation to discuss your care alternatives and the best outcome for your family. We listen like daughters.

Clinical Management Team

Registered Nurse and Daughterly Care Co-founder, and Managing Director Verlie Hall

Verlie Hall, Bachelor of Nursing, Registered Nurse, Co-Founder & Managing Director.

Verlie is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years’ experience caring for people who are frail, aged, have disabilities or dementia. We have a team of 10 Registered Nurses to assist in our clients’ care.

Verlie was formerly employed by Sydney’s leading Dementia Day Care Centre – the Tom O’Neill Centre at North Sydney as an Enrolled Nurse, In-home Community Worker and Diversional Therapist. Verlie has co-owned Daughterly Care for over 21 years. Verlie was awarded Enrolled Nurse of the Year in 1992.  Read more about Verlie’s experience working in hospitals and nursing homes here. Verlie is an Accredited Aged Care Montessorian & Daughterly Care Montessori Trainer.

Daughterly Care Registered Nurse Linda Baker

Jessica Newton, Registered Nurse

Jess’s career spans over 20 years, 5 years within the NSW Health Hospital System, and 15 years as a Community Registered Nurse. This comprised of extensive experience in wound care, palliative care, catheter care, incontinence care, and medication administration. As well as Day Infusion Centres for administering cancer treatments and blood transfusions. Jess has a special interest in Oncology and Haematology, after completing her Graduate Certificate at the University of Sydney (U.Syd). Caring for Seniors in their own homes, with high-quality clinical care is what drew Jess to Daughterly Care in 2023.

Daughterly Care Registered Nurse Ellie McGill

Ellie McGill, Registered Nurse

Ellie started her health care career at 16 years of age working in various Northern Beaches Nursing homes and eventually went on to graduate in 2015 with a Bachelor of Nursing, specializing in Mental Health. Her first job as RN was working in the Stroke Rehabilitation Ward at Mona Vale Hospital where the clientele were predominantly elderly. Ellie gained a lot of caregiving experience as well as frequent training on the ageing process with a comprehensive focus on Dementia and hospital induced delirium. Following that, Ellie transferred to the Emergency Department at Mona Vale Hospital and is still currently working part-time in Emergency at Northern Beaches Hospital. Ellie has joined Daughterly Care in 2022 working as a RN, in a team whose entire goal is to keep the elderly in their own homes, safely, whilst maintaining their quality of life, dignity and respect whilst avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions.

Daughterly Care Registered Nurse Ellie McGill

Diane Thompson, Registered Nurse

Before joining Daughterly Care, Diane was employed as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with Northern Sydney Home Nursing Services for the last 12 years. She also has been a Registered Nurse with 40+ years experience in General & Intensive Care. She works at DC HQ on a Friday, attending clients reviews and assessments.


Client Liaison Manager – Home Care Packages

Client Liaison Manager - Glenda Carter

Glenda Carter

For over 20 years, Glenda has worked in the aged care and the disability sector, in positions such as a Respite Co-Ordinator (Greenwich Hospital) and Supervisor (Tom O’Neill Dementia Day Centre). Notably, Glenda played a leading role at Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Centre, establishing new community-based homes for young men and women with disabilities whom resided in nursing homes. Glenda has also managed two RSL LifeCare retirement villages at Cherrybrook, and the Scalabrini Village at Drummoyne prior to starting with Daughterly Care. Glenda is dedicated to supporting people to live independently in their homes which is vital in her role of Home Care Package Client Liaison Manager at Daughterly Care.

Live-In & Complex Care Management Team

Ann Smith High Care & Live-in Care Case Manager

Ann Smith, Manager of our Live-In & Complex Care Team 

Ann trained as a Registered Nurse in the UK and worked in both hospitals and nursing homes for over 10 years. Following further study, Ann moved into Community Services within Local Government working as a Family Day Care Co-ordinator for 19 years. She joined Daughterly Care in 2015 as a caregiver and transitioned to her current role in 2019 bringing an extensive variety of experience and skills to our Live in Carers.

Daughterly Care High Care / Live in Care Case Manager

Jean Parlane, Registered Nurse Trained, Live-In & Complex Care Manager

Jean has over 45 years’ aged care experience as a Registered Nurse. Jean was also a Co-ordinator of the Wesley Gardens Dementia Day Centre at Belrose and Diversional Therapist at Tom O’Neill Dementia Day Care Centre. Jean has managed Live in Care clients for Daughterly Care for over 21 years. She is passionate about our Elders living with dignity and being heard.