2. What is a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package?

It’s essential you understand this concept because when you understand it, and I mean really understand Consumer Directed Care, you realise how much power the Government has given elderly Australians.

You can then exercise your new power to gain better in home aged care outcomes… to live a better quality life at home for longer. An Old School Approved Provider in home care Case Manager told us she tells her clients that:

Consumer Directed Care is the Government paying for in home care services and if you want more, you pay extra”.

WRONG! That is as it has always been for the last 21 years. THAT IS NOT Consumer Directed Home Care.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a major national reform of the aged care industry that started on 1 July 2015 and finally became fully operational on 27 February 2017 when the elder was “directly assigned” their Home Care Package and handed the power to transfer their Government funding to an Approved Provider who provides better value, better service and more hours of in home care largely paid for by the Federal Government.

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Consumer Directed Care reforms have stripped power away from the Current Old School Approved Providers and given that same power and control to the consumer… to the elder and his/her advocate or Enduring Guardians.

And like all areas of life, it’s the people who become educated and informed who are more likely to understand their rights and exercise the greatest control over the aged care solutions offered to them. They are the people who will benefit the most from these brilliant and empowering reforms.

So let’s look at how the Government describes Consumer Directed Care (CDC) then:

“Consumer Directed Care is … “a way of delivering services that allows them [consumers] to make choices about the types of aged care & services they access …including who will deliver them & when”.

Read how the Government defines Consumer Directed Care again!!! They are very powerful words.

SOURCE: Pg. 8 Home Care Packages Programme Guidelines, Department of Social Services, July 2014, re-issued 28/8/2014.

Consumer Directed Home Care (CDC) is designed to provide:

Better service;

More appropriate and higher quality home care;

Better value for elderly Australians;

Better assistance to help elders stay at home longer, or for life, rather than move into a nursing home; and

Give consumers more control over their in home care and therefore over their life.

Consumer Directed Care reforms are powerful reforms to empower our elderly Australians to live a better “older age”;

to be re-enabled after a health crisis;

to be supported, assisted and cared for when and how they need.

Daughterly Care has specialised in the private paying elder care market for 21 years.

Our private care clients have always controlled their money and had the power to hire and fire their Home Care Provider, so we know how to give the great service that empowered private paying clients have always expected.

Current Approved Providers, or what I call Old-School Approved Providers, who have dominated the in home care industry for the last 2 decades, don’t have the experience we have of servicing empowered private paying clients with high expectations.

That’s why every week since 27 February 2017 elders have chosen to transfer their Government funded Home Care Package to a New Breed of Approved Provider like us – Daughterly Care Community Services – because they are tired of the poor service and value they have been receiving.

From the 27th February 2017, every Government subsidised Home Care Package client now controls their Government funding so they essentially now have the same power that a private paying client has had because they now decide:

1. which Approved Provider holds their Government funding and manages their Home Care Package and if they are not satisfied with their Current Approved Provider then they can transfer their Government funding to a new Approved Provider who they believe will do a better job;

2. which Home Care Provider provides their in home care;

3. what type of in home care they receive;

4. when their in home care it is received.

If you don’t know what your 9 New Rights are under the Living Longer, Living Better Consumer Directed Care reforms are, you won’t have the knowledge and power you need to negotiate better solutions for yourself, or your loved one.

Old School Approved Providers won’t tell you all your 9 New Rights because it diminishes their existing power. I know that first hand because my team and I have attended many client meetings with Approved Providers and they did not act in alignment with the 9 New Rights.

Next: Discover Consumers’ 9 NEW RIGHTS delivered by Consumer Directed Care

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