Live in Care vs 24 hour Care

Live in Care versus 24 hour care – which in home aged care service is the best solution for you? The terms live in care and 24 hour care are often used as if they are the same or interchangeable in home care services. They are not the same aged care solution and they are not interchangeable terms. They are very different in home care services.

To be an informed consumer of in home aged care services, it’s vital you understand the difference so that you can choose the in home care solution that is most appropriate or best for your care needs and bear in mind that the most appropriate solution might change over time as your care needs change.

Recently (2018) one company claimed “over a decade ago we pioneered 24 hour at home care”.  Pioneered 24 hour care a mere decade or over ago. You can tell their claim to have pioneered 24 hour care is blatantly false given Daughterly Care and other private in home care providers have provided both 24 hour care and Live in Care for over two decades, that’s right we have over 21 years’ experience – double the experience the “pioneer” claims.

With double the experience providing 24 hour care and live in care, Daughterly Care knows better than any other in home care Approved Provider  for Home Care Packages how both 24 hour care and live in care services work; their cost difference and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Daughterly Care has provided over 2.8+ million hours of Live in Care over the last 21 years, which means we are the experts in Live in Care

How are Live in Care and 24 hour in home aged care similar?

Both Live in Care and 24 hour in home care aged care services are:

✓ provided in the privacy, security and comfort of your own familiar loved home;

✓ provided around the clock, so that help is there when you need it during a 24 hour period;

✓ provide similar support and care tasks; and

✓ extra care can be added if / when needed for both Live in Care and 24 hour care.

We don’t like to claim that 24 hour care is better than live in care; nor do we like to claim that live in care is better than 24 hour care, because the fact is they are both the very best in home aged care you can enjoy in your home. What we can recommend after meeting you and talking to you and or your family about what support you need to live your best life and after listening to your care needs, goals and lifestyle aspirations is which type of in home care is most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.


Live in Care

24 hour, around the clock in home aged care

24 hour, around the clock care Live in Care means a Live in Carer or Nurse is present in your home 24 hours a day, to provide 8 hours of active care, as needed, over one 24 hour period. With 24 hour care 3 Caregivers or Nurses are present in consecutive shifts in your home over a 24 hour period.

Typically this means 2 shifts during the day and a third shift at night.

Night care can be provided on an inactive basis where the live-in carer or Nurse sleeps from 10pm to 6am and wakes when their assistance is needed.

Alternatively the Night Care is provided on an active basis where the live in carer or nurse is paid to be awake and attentive all night.

Staffing pattern or rota A Live in Carer is present in the client’s home for 24 hours x 4 consecutive days.

A 2nd Live in Carer is present in the client’s home for 24 hours X 3 consecutive days.

The 3 – 4 day split is our most common staff rota we offer. However sometimes we offer a 5 day / 2 day rota.

Sometimes we offer a rota of 3 days / 2 days / 2 days i.e. 3 Live in Carers per week, not 2.  This is more common when there is support and care needs that are best managed with shorter shifts.

Once you are comfortable your Live in Carers, those same Caregivers rotate each week for months, sometimes the same Live in Carers continue to provide in home aged care for the same client for years.

With 24 hour care in your own home, to meet award requirements, each day 3 staff are rostered and typically they work up to 4 shifts per week.

To cover 7 days X 3 shifts = 21 shifts are required and to staff this without the need to pay overtime rates, which doubles the cost, you need a minimum of 6 Caregivers or Nurses a week.

Bedroom for carer required Yes Yes, if overnight shifts are being charged on the lower cost basis called inactive overnight care.

No, if the live in carer is awake and attentive all night provided.

Food for Caregiver to be supplied Yes. The Live in Carer normally eats the same food they cook with or for the client. Expensive or special foods required by the Live in Carer are paid for by the Live in Carer.  Alternatively, $50 per day can be added to the invoice for the Live in Carer to buy their own food. No

Live in Care costs less than half the cost of 24 hour care.

The exact cost for both Live in Care and 24 Hour Care, with inactive nights, or active nights is explained on this page of our website along with information on Government funding..

24 Hour care in your own home is more than double the price of Live in Care. The exact cost for both live in care and 24 hour care with inactive nights or active nights is detailed on this page of our website.

Daughterly Care offers both Live in Care and 24 Hour Care.

During our FREE Consultation we will listen to your care needs and goals, and recommend the right level of care. For many of our clients this will be Live in Care, for others it will be 24 hour in home care. We will explain the difference between the two services and recommend the one that is best suited to your care needs.

Daughterly Care Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Service guarantee

We take a lot of care matching our clients with the right 24 hour or live in carer or Private Nurse, but if you are not delighted with the care worker we choose we will provide a replacement and refund the cost of that service in full.

To arrange your FREE in home consultation call Penny on (02) 9970 7333

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