Aged Care Quality Standards

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission expects organisations providing aged care services in Australia to comply with the Quality Standards.

Standard 1

Consumer dignity and choice

Organisational Statement:

The organisation:

  1. Has a culture of inclusion and respect for consumers; and
  2. Supports consumers to exercise choice and independence; and
  3. Respects consumers’ privacy

Standard 2

Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Organisational Statement:

The organisation undertakes initial and ongoing assessment and planning for care and services in partnership with the consumer. Assessment and planning has a focus on optimising health and well-being in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences.

Standard 3

Personal care and clinical care

Organisational Statement:

The organisation delivers safe and effective personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences to optimise health and well-being.

Standard 4

Services and supports for daily living*

Organisational Statement:

The organisation provides safe and effective services and supports for daily living that optimise the consumer’s independence, health, well-being and quality of life.

Standard 5

Organisation’s service environment*

Organisational Statement:

The organisation provides a safe and comfortable service environment that promotes the consumer’s independence, function and enjoyment.

Standard 6

Feedback and complaints

Organisational Statement:

The organisation regularly seeks input and feedback from consumers, carers, the workforce and others and uses the input and feedback to inform continuous improvements for individual consumers and the whole organisation.

Standard 7

Human resources

Organisational Statement:

The organisation has a workforce that is sufficient, and is skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care services.

Standard 8

Organisational governance

Organisational Statement:

The organisation’s governing body is accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services.

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