Dementia Care Communication System

These two videos assist in an improved interaction with private care clients. The first video explains the origins of the communication tools and the second video runs through on how to assess the client’s needs so these tools can be personalised. Hourly Caregivers and Live in Carers are welcome to obtain more information on these techniques via email:

In Video 1 (above) Kate Lambert explains  Voice My Choice ™ , Maria Montessori’s principles for people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s (duration: 1 minute 54 seconds)

In Video 2 (above), Kate Lambert explains Voice My Choice ™ and its effective methods to improve communication with Dementia or Alzheimer’s clients
(Video 2 is only available to Daughterly Care Caregivers and clients)

To find out more information on Dementia or Alzheimer’s, head to: