Welcome to Lifestyle Integrated Functional Exercise (LiFE) Online Training Module

LiFE is an evidence-based program breathing LIFE back into falls prevention. The program has been created by the Faculty of Health Sciences Sydney University. Evidence showed that the program reduced falls in Elders by 31%.  Participants in the program can help Elders improve their strength and balance and thereby reduce their falls rate by one third and in turn improve the health and wellness of our clients.

integrated functional exercise LiFe training


3 EASY STEPS to receive your certificate and start using the LiFE Program with your clients.

  1. Click the PLAY button below to start watching the online training video. Allow approx. 30 minutes.
    You may pause the video as often as you need.

  2. Complete the QUIZ to test your knowledge about LiFE.

  3. Need more information? See the bottom of this page for links to our additional resources (as seen in the video).

Daughterly Care Reduce Falls in Elders In Home Care
click here for the falls prevention quiz

NOTE: You will see your results after submitting your answers – however – please click on the final screen “SUBMIT” to lodge it.

Once you have completed the Quiz, we will update your training register and send you a laminated Certificate in the mail.

We value your feedback. So please let us know:

  • if you enjoyed this method of training (i.e. Video instruction) and would like to see more training sessions like this;
  • if there was something about this particular training session you would like to provide feedback on.

Email us on training@daughterlycare.com.au


If you need more resources (which are presented in the video), click on the following links.

Sheet – Falls Prevention Home Exercise Flyer

LiFE – Lifestyle Functional Exercise Program in more detail

LiFE – Daily Routine Chart

LiFE – Assessment Tool – balance activities

LiFE – Activity Planner – balance and strength training sheet

Preventing Falls flyer

Falls Prevention – Home Safety flyer

Preventing Falls in the Elderly