Question …  “I don’t understand, how can you tell me that Daughterly Care can look after my parent at home when the Doctors and Nurses in the hospital are telling me my parent is ‘high care’ and cannot go home and they have to go to a nursing home?”

Answer…This is a really great question and one we are commonly asked.

Conversely, we don’t understand why Elders and their family, or the appointed Representatives aren’t given a range of “high care” solutions. You could move into a Nursing Home or you could return home with around-the-clock care, such as Live In Care and see if you can be re-enabled.

Giving options to Elders and their children enables them to make the decision that is right for that Elder given their personal care needs, health, financial situation, values and aspirations. That way the Elder, or their Representative can make the decision that best suits them.

Perhaps the Doctors and Nurses don’t know about Daughterly Care’s  Live in Care service? After all, the trend to have aged care in their own home rather than a nursing home is a relatively recent desire/trend for older people.

Perhaps the Doctors and Nurses don’t know that the Government now contributes up to $53K per annum, per person to the cost of In Home Aged Care  – so the Government is supporting consumers choosing the best way forward for their family.

NOTE: Our daily fee for Live In Care services varies on whether it is Monday-Friday, weekends or public holidays so please check with our case managers.

Government subsidised In Home Care packages range from
$7K to $53K per year, per person for each year they are at home.
Government funding can offset part of the cost of Live In Care, if you choose a client-focused service provider who acts in alignment with the new Consumer Directed Care principles. This enables the consumer of aged care to choose who provides the care for example, you now have the right to choose Daughterly Care. We have clients who are receiving 2 days a week (i.e. 2 X 24 hours) of Live In Care funded by the Government.

Perhaps the health professionals have assumed your family cannot afford Live In Care? A couple of years ago, I had a doctor tell me  that live-in-care was too expensive and she tells her clients to go to group care homes. I asked the doctor what her idea of expensive was and she answered $1,500 a day. I replied, “that’s interesting our 24 hour Live In Home Care service  is a lower cost than the group care home you are proposing. Why would you want to pay more to share your home with 9 other people?”

Question… “What is the difference between 24 hour care and Live In Care?”


24 hour care and Live In Care are terms that are used interchangeably, as if they are the same service but they are not!

They are very different services.  Each service is appropriate for different care needs and Daughterly Care provides both 24 hour and Live In Care and we will recommend the most appropriate care to meet your needs.

Each of the services has advantages and disadvantages. We recommend the most suitable type of care for a client. We don’t believe in expensive “over servicing” such as only providing 24 hour care when there is a lower cost solution that offers the right level of care.

Question…  I called another provider and their “Live In Care” service costs are 3 times what Daughterly Care’s Live In Care costs and instead of 2 carers a week they have a team of 10 care workers a week covering 3 shifts a day. They said they don’t provide Live In Care the way Daughterly Care does because staff get complacent or burnt out. What is your response to that?

Answer…Great question. It’s really important to understand the difference between Live In Care and 24 Hour Care. So let’s look at that closely.

Daughterly Care provides BOTH, 24 hour care and Live in Care so we can provide whatever care you prefer, we don’t have a preference.  In fact, to be brutally honest there is more profit in providing 24 hour care than Live In Care.  A couple of years ago the CEO of an alternative provider told me I was a “fool” for providing Live in Care because he could make so much more from 24 hour care.  I have no doubt he made more profit than us in the short term, but our preference is to survive in the long term and the only way to do that is to provide the right level of service at a fair price.

Our business preference is to provide the RIGHT level of service for our clients that meets the award requirements.

We are the best provider and one of the largest suppliers of Live In Care in Sydney and we have successfully provided this service for 21 years. I write that so you understand – we know what we are doing. I kindly suggest that alternative provider you spoke to doesn’t understand Live In Care as well as we do. (Of course, there are clients whose care needs do require 24 hour care and where needed, we are more than capable of providing that level of service).

More important than our word is that families, neighbours and friends of our clients monitor us and the feedback they give about our Live In Home care service is amazing.

Also it is common for Providers to say they provide a live in home care service on their brochures and websites to attract your attention and then try to “upsell you to their 24 hour care solution”.

If they are staffing a job on a “team basis of 3 care worker shifts per day” then the cost will be significantly more than our cost, which is staffed on a Live In Care basis.

With Live In Care, we commonly use 2 Live In caregivers each week and those 2 Live In caregivers keep rolling forward. Our clients prefer having 1 Caregiver for 3 days followed by another carer for 4 days. That’s only 2 Live In caregivers who need to become familiar with the client.

Live In Care is ideal for clients with high care needs such as, an ACAT Assessment of levels 3 or 4 and are living with dementia, Parkinson’s, MS etc. or who are frail.

In addition, we provide all the Palliative care for our Live In Care clients.

When care needs increase, for instance when our client is very ill or has a reaction to medication, or are towards the end of their life, Daughterly Care achieve better care outcomes for our clients. This is done by keeping our Live-In Carers in place and adding hourly or overnight care when it is actually needed. Also we prefer to use technology to enable Live In Care to stay in place.

So in our vast experience, Live In Care is the ideal level of care for many but not all Elders.

Question… Why do clients choose Daughterly Care?

One Answer…because we care like Daughters.

Because we have Caregivers + Registered Nurses + High Care Case Managers and this produces better health outcomes, less hospitalisations and fewer nursing home placements.

Because we provide all types of care and we are flexible and agile.

Because we care. 

Actually there are 14 reasons to choose Daughterly Care

“To all at Daughterly Care, just a note to say thank you so very much for the care, kindness and efficiency you showed to our beloved Betty over the last three years. We never had any concerns as we knew you were always there to support our wonderful Carers – Lisa, Margaret and the other ones earlier on.

We certainly made the right choice for Mum when we chose Daughterly Care.”

Rosie and family

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Occasionally Asked Question… Do you have male Live-In Carers?

Answer…Yes. However the demand for male Live-In Carers is extremely low. 

Our private care clients tell us what type of Care Worker they prefer in their home and personal space. Seeing as they are alone in their home and often we are assisting with personal care, such as assistance to go to the toilet, shower and dressing, clients often tell us they feel more comfortable having a female provide this care.

Even our male clients most often request female Carers as they feel more comfortable in their company. However, when a new client wants a male Live-In Carer we can provide that.