Government Funded Client who already has a Home Care Package Enquiry Form

    1/20. How do you feel about your Current Approved Provider?

    We are satisfied with our Current Approved Provider.We are NOT entirely satisfied with our Current Approved ProviderWe are very disatisfied with our Current Approved Provider and researching the possibility of movingWe have already decided that we are leaving our Current Approved Provider

    2/20. Are any of your current services very short?

    Yes, we have 15 minutes servicesYes, we have 30 minutes servicesYes, we have 1 hour servicesYes, we have 1.5 hour servicesNo, all services are 2 hours or more

    3/20. Does the care need to start straight away?

    Yes, ideally next week and I can pay privately until my Government funding transfers across to Daughterly CareYes, ideally in a fortnightNo, within a monthNo, just researching at this stage

    4/20. Which Approved Provider is currently administering your Home Care Package? Tip: You will be receiving a monthly statement from them.

    Your Current Approved Provider's Name:

    5/20. Which company is currently providing your CARE services? (It might be the same as the previous question or it could be a different company)

    Your care is provided by:

    6/20. Were you receiving a Home Care Package prior to 30 June 2014 and you have NOT taken more than a 28 days leave break from your Home Care Package?


    7/20. What level of Home Care Package are you currently actually receiving? (This might be less than what you were "approved" to receive):

    Level 1 Basic CareLevel 2 Low CareLevel 3 Medium CareLevel 4 High CareI don't know

    8/20. What level ACAT Assessment have you got? (We're trying to determine if you are currently receiving a Home Care Package that is equal to your Aged Care Assessment or less than what you were approved for.

    Low Care Level 1Low Care Level 2High Care Level 3High Care Level 4I don't know

    9/20. What priority were you assessed as?


    10/20. If you are receiving care that is Level 3 or lower, how long ago was your ACAT Assessment done?



    I don't know

    11/20. Is the person to receive the care a:

    PensionerPart-PensionerSelf-Funded RetireeI don't know

    Tip: We don't care what your answer is, it just helps us give you the right financial information.

    Congratulations, you're half way there!

    12/20. Is the person to receive the care:

    Part of a couple living togetherPart of a couple living apart separated by poor health (e.g. one is in a nursing home)SingleWidow / Widower

    13/20. Where is the person to receive the care currently?:

    in hospitalin rehabilitationin a nursing home on respitein a nursing home and wanting to return to their homeliving at homestaying with an adult child

    14/20. What type of home does the person to receive care live in currently?:

    their own homeWith you or other familyRetirement Village – Independent LivingRetirement Village – Assisted LivingNursing Home

    15/20. What suburb and state does the person to receive the care live in:



    16/20. Enquirer's Name and Contact details:

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    Your Full Name*

    Your relationship to the Elder / Care Recipient*

    Your Email* (a copy of this form will be emailed to you)

    Telephone Number*

    17/20. What is the main aim of you contacting us?

    18/20. Is there anything else you think we need to know to best help you e.g. What is the goal of your home care? Or why are you dissatisfied?

    19/20. What days and times do you currently receive services? (Answer only, if you are considering Daughterly Care to provide Caregivers for those services)


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