Daughterly Care’s in home care fees

What does in home care services cost in Sydney, Australia? Well, that is a very good question. A question with an answer that has become far more complicated in recent times due to the Government funded Consumer Directed Care Home Care Packages being de-regulated by the Government.

1. If you are looking for privately paid in home care then call us on 02 9970 7333 and we can answer your question straight away. We can then email or post you, very helpful information that is relevant to you.

2. If you are wanting to understand how fees work in relation to Government funded Home Care Packages – Kylie Lambert, B.Ec F.Fin, our CEO has been checking Approved Provider Statements for over 18 months and there is a lot Kylie can explain to you about how to negotiate FAIR FEES for a Home Care Package. Register below to receive her special report that is being finalised.

We are preparing our report on Home Care Package Fees. If you wish to receive the report as soon as it is finalised please fill out the form below.

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