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What does well-known speaker and author, Dr Helena Popovic think of Daughterly Care?

Daughterly Care has been helping me look after my now, 84 year old Father for over four years since my Mother died. He has mild vascular dementia which effects his short term memory. He needs prompting to eat and to engage in activities of daily living.

When Dad sees one of the wonderful ‘daughters’ from Daughterly Care walk into the house, his face lights up and he immediately comes out with a compliments. They are able to draw out his sense of humour and he loves going for walks, playing darts and doing jigsaw puzzles with them.

Most of all, I am so grateful for their kindness, patience and genuine delight in engaging with him. They have also learnt and continue to learn, what is important and meaningful to him. I can see he feels respected and valued.

There is no greater need for a human being than to feel appreciated and that is exactly what Daughterly Care do for Dad and me.

Thank you so much – not only for the practical assistance, but the heartfelt care you give to both of us.

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We would like to share the following feedback about our in home care services from Health Professionals or organisations who we collaborate with:

20 June 2018 – Appreciation for Registered Nurse, Helen from Dr M

This afternoon, Dr M wanted us to know that he had a lovely visit from RN Helen yesterday and he is so grateful that she was able to visit him. He said Helen was “absolutely delightful” and cannot thank her enough.

Dr M said Helen was able to make a lot of suggestions about end of life care that he didn’t know about or had not contemplated. Helen is going to chase a few things up for him and will be in touch with him again.

He is extremely grateful to Helen and to Daughterly Care.

21 July 2017 – Appreciation from Registered Nurse at Mosman Nursing Home, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Kathryn (Daughterly Care Caregiver) is lovely and caring with Mr P. Kathryn has a beautiful nature with all our residents.

1 February 2017 – Appreciation from referring Approved Provider, where the client lives in Belrose, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dear Daughterly Care,

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding Mr H. Please thank Tammy, it sounds like she is providing fabulous service for Mr H. No-one else has managed to get him in the shower or encourage him to eat breakfast, so well done. We are really impressed with Tammy and Daughterly Care services.

Care Co-Ordinator
Approved Provider’s Name Withheld

17 November 2016 – Email from Approved Provider Care Co-Ordinator who contracts work to Daughterly Care

Hi Jamie

That’s what I like about Daughterly Care… you go the extra mile.

Care Co-Ordinator
Approved Provider’s Name Withheld

4 November 2016 – Praise for Daughterly Care Caregiver, Mia from Approved Provider Case Manager

Phone call received today from the Case Manager of a Not for Profit Approved Provider who contracts care work to Daughterly Care. They say that, Mr C of Lane Cove on Sydney’s Lower North Shore had an abundance of praise for Mia and the care she provided his wife.

He told the Case Manager that Daughterly Care’s Caregiver, Mia was the best they had ever had and Mia took his wife out for a long while which his wife enjoyed immensely.

Mr C was nervous at first but was so pleased and elated to know his wife had enjoyed herself so much, and was absolutely thrilled by our Caregiver, Mia.

23 September 2016  Email from Approved Provider Clinical Case Manager regarding Palliative Care Live in Care client on South Coast of NSW

Hi Penny,

I would also like to comment on your Care Worker, Robyn who has been the predominant carer of Mr R in the time that Daughterly Care has taken over care.

Robyn is a very thorough and caring Care Worker, she always goes the extra mile and if I could have anyone caring for my grandparent or parents, I would absolutely love someone like her. I just wanted to give you that feedback. J

It has been great working with you,


Clinical Case Manager
Approved Provider’s Name Withheld

Positive feedback from NCCRCC (referral agency)

Excellent feedback about both, Bertie and Pennie from Mrs C’s Daughter. She thinks your Care Workers are absolutely wonderful!

4 May 2016 – From a Case Manager regarding client in Terrey Hills, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Client, Marie rang yesterday to say how much she enjoyed having our Caregiver Yvonne visit her. She feels she is the best caregiver she has ever had and wanted me to let Yvonne know that Marie thinks she’s ‘super duper’!!

Frida, Case Manager at a Not-for-Profit Provider

5 December 2015 –  Mr J posted this compliment on LinkedIn about Daughterly Care.

Hello Kylie Lambert,

I work in your area as a RAS Assessor and have met with several of your clients who needed more care, and were receiving care from Daughterly Care.

I must say, I am impressed with how well your company is run and how happy the clients were with your service. Your staff are more than likely sick of hearing from me because I’m forever calling :). Thank you for your community support.

19 October 2015 – Feedback from Not-For-Profit Co-Ordinator

Hi Jamie! I really think Elizabeth is doing a great job.

The family is also grateful and happy with her, and of course your as organisation.

Kind regards,

Email from a Not-for-Profit Service Provider that contracts work to Daughterly Care

Hi Suzanne,

Can you please pass this on to your lovely staff who provided care for the late Mr C.

“On behalf of myself and the team at [Not-for-profit Company Name withheld], I would like to say thank you for your care and compassion with the care provided to Mr C in his final weeks at home. The professionalism showed by your staff have been exceptional and noticed by the family, and reported back to [Not for profit name withheld] ”

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards,

Mr M

A card from Julie Austin (Registered Nurse) with Parkinson’s Association

“To all the staff at Daughterly Care,

Thank you so much for your generosity and interest in Parkinson’s disease and those who suffer from the diagnosis. Your passion to provide quality service will benefit many in the community.”

29 April 2015 – Email from Case Manager at Not For Profit Organisation who contracts care work to Daughterly Care

Thank you Mandy,

I have informed the one off change with Mr B.
They adore your Caregiver Alek please thank her for me.


22 January 2015 – Appreciation from an agency who refers work to Daughterly Care.

Our clients absolutely loved Kim on Friday!!! Mr G said, she was fantastic and to say how great she was on Friday. They were so happy with her and have now asked if she is available on Mondays or Tuesdays permanently.

Thank you
Case Manager at Not-For-Profit Organisation

16 January 2015 – Appreciation from a Not-For-Profit who contracts home care services to Daughterly Care

Hi Ladies,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank both, Annabelle & Bronwyn for their work with Mrs C. They both went above & beyond what was expected of them, and I know Mrs C’s Daughter felt that she was lucky to have them both.

No doubt I will be in touch again soon – always a pleasure dealing with Daughterly Care.

Case Manager at Not For Profit Organisation

8 January 2015 – Appreciation email from a Not-For-Profit who contracts in home services to Daughterly Care

“Hi, I Just wanted to pass on the sad news of Mrs W’s passing.

Thanks to your Caregiver who made it possible for Mrs W to remain at home till the end.  Your staff were great with Mrs W and she loved them very much. Please thank them for the wonderful work they do and the care they provided to Mrs W.
Regards and best wishes.”

Case Manager at Not-For-Profit

(Daughterly Care has been caring for family members of the W family since 2010)

24 December 2014 – From a Registered Nurse in a Northern Beaches Retirement Village

“Thank you to your In Home Caregiver Julie for all her beautiful care of Mrs A.”

17 December 2014 – Email from a Case Manager at a Not-for-Profit who contracts work to Daughterly Care

“My heart was filled with joy that my client has such caring Caregivers around her. Please pass on my big thank you to the staff who make her life happy once a week.”