Reviews from Sydney’s North Shore Elders and their families

The following are inhome care testimonials that have been provided from our North Shore clients or their family about Daughterly Care private Nurses, Hourly Caregivers or Live-in Carers, Case Managers or Home Care Service Co-Ordinators.

They are all unsolicited and we appreciate our elderly clients and their family for taking the time to share their feedback with us.

7 March 2018 – Appreciation from Daughter of live-in care client, Mrs M who lives in Woolwich on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Elizabeth and Vera both continue doing a great job caring for Mum, as all Daughterly Care Live-in Carers have done to date.


2 February 2018 – Feedback from a Mosman client via another Daughterly Care Caregiver

Mosman client, Etta sits at the table with Daughterly Care client, Barbara P & I for Friday lunch at Mosman Seniors. Etta noticed my name badge and said “I have two carers from there. They come with their purple bags. They are amazing. I couldn’t live in my unit without them.”

She went on to explain to all of us that they are attentive to her, know her routines and requirements and give her the opportunity to leave her home with confidence.

I believe her carers are Bettina and Laurianne.

How fantastic to know the impact we Daughterly Care Caregivers have on the quality of life of our clients.


10 January 2018 – Praise from a Daughter whose Mother was in Nursing Home on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Mandy,
I have always been so appreciative of Daughterly Care. Mum’s carer, Angela C, has been outstanding and I only have the highest praise for her. 

north shore northern beaches elder live-in home carer

Caregiver: Angela Carswell

19 October 2017 – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mrs C who lives in Turramurra on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Angela,

Thank you so much for your update on Mum. It reassures me – especially when I am so far away. I will be interested to see your future reports and am hoping she will click back more, but at her age, may not be realistic.

Thank you so much for the loving care you provide for my Mum.

Warm regards,


13 October 2017 – Appreciative feedback from Client, Ms V who lives in Wiiloughby on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

There was one problem, I hate it when Kathryn leaves as I miss her terribly when she is gone. Kathryn gave me a big hug when I told her this and she said, I’d be back next Tuesday.

21 September 2017 – Appreciation from husband of client, Mrs W who lives in Pymble on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

I am so thrilled with the ladies who are looking after my wife.

Kath, Fiona, Christine and Carlie have all been wonderful and I am very appreciative of how kind and compassionate they have all have been to my wife. I have added evening services as well as the day services, to assist me in getting Margaret to bed. It has given me some much-needed respite.

7 July 2017 – Appreciation from clients Mrs & Mrs P who live in Castle Cove on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Fiona is a gem and we love the care we are receiving from her, and we are very happy.

5 July 2017 – Appreciation from wife of client, Mr S who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Dear Robin,

I must have done something right in my life to have met you and Daughterly Care. I do plan some respite, just for me when my daughter and girls return home. Sara and Gail have helped me, a great deal and are a credit to your company.

Kind regards,


27 June 2017 – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mrs B who lives in Cremorne, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Thanks for finding Lauriane to stay with Mum, it is much appreciated! You’re all (Pip, Di, Kieu and Lauriane) really wonderful for being so patient and helpful! I can’t imagine what I would do without all of you! I know mum would be very grateful too.

Thanks again and kind regards,


26 June 2017 – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mrs C who lives in Mosman, on Sydney’s North Shore

Dear Maggie,

Thank you for going above and beyond with our service, even with our dog.

7 June 2017 – Appreciation from son of client, Mrs V who lives in Neutral Bay, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

My sister and I are extremely grateful for all the wonderful care provided by the Carers from Daughterly Care over the last couple of years. It certainly made Mum’s final years as comfortable as possible.

Sincerely yours,


22 May 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter-in-law of clients, Mr & Mrs P who lives in Mosman, on Sydney’s North Shore

I’d like to convey my thanks to you for having selected Tami to assist my in-laws.

Tami managed to develop a good rapport with my in-laws within a few minutes of meeting them, and she was very encouraging and understanding in her approach to caring for them. She also managed to win over my Mother-in-law’s trust with her physical strength and gentle support which meant they had a good walk down to the beach.

Once again, thank you.


15 May 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of client, Mrs W who lives in Mosman, on Sydney’s North Shore

Dear Carlie, Gail and Rose,

I would like to thank you all for the excellent care you have given to Mum.

Your compassion, understanding and support for mum has been very much appreciated and we intend on writing a testimonial for your website to support how grateful we are. Without Daughterly Care, Mum would not have been able to live at home, once she came out of hospital.

Adult children of client, J and C from Roseville on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

It has been so lovely for us to have your help and to meet the wonderful ladies that have been caring for our Mum and Dad.

Mrs L’s daughter phone call who lives in Cammeray, to thank us for the lovely card we sent on her mother’s passing…

I want to pass on my personal thanks for the fantastic care provided by Bertie and Claudia. Claudia was there the day my mother died. She washed and dressed her in fresh pyjamas, which we really appreciated. She looked so fresh and peaceful when she passed away that afternoon. We’re pleased she was able to pass away at home as that was her wish.

Daughter of Mrs C from Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Thank you for all the dedication in looking after my Mum. It’s difficult when Mum doesn’t want help but needs it. Fairy is so good with Mum, she takes the time, is very caring and responds kindly on each service to make the service worthwhile.

Thank you to Fairy from Daughter of client, Mrs A who lives in Mosman, on Sydney’s North Shore

Please give Fairy our thanks. You don’t know how relieved and appreciative I am that your good people are now helping take care of Mum.

Hourly client who lives in Mosman, on Sydney’s North Shore

Please pass on to all of Rob’s Caregivers:

A big THANK YOU for their care. It is making such a difference especially the walks – I often see the two of them walking along the road as I go by!


10 April 2017 – Appreciative email from the Sister-in-law of a Live in Care client, Ms W from Kirribilli in North Sydney, on Sydney’s North Shore

Hi Suzy,

Please thank Danielle for her services and let her know how much she was appreciated, and her bit of humour that were in the notes from time-to-time.

Thank you.



31 March 2017 – Appreciative email from the Daughter of a Live in Care client from St Ives on Sydney’s North Shore

Hello Jen,

We knew it was coming – you made the way as gentle and calm as possible and yet it is still amazing that you won’t be there Monday to Wednesday, next week. Mum did absorb the care and kindness, endless patience and good humour you gave her. She had some great times with you! She takes all that with her and we take comfort from it too.

Thank you for your insights, your guidance and your good judgement in providing mum with the best quality life and exit possible.

Much love daughter M [name withheld].

2 March 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of Live in Care Client who lives in St. Ives, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Jen,

“Thanks” will never be enough for the loving care you gave Mum – such insight, such patience, such endless encouragement – she was the best she could be for as long as she could be because of the environment, safety and constant caring you gave her.

And now, all the very biggest hugs and wishes for your future – love,

Maxine and family

27 February 2017 – Lovely Feedback from Daughter of Live in Care Client, Mrs O who lives in Waverton, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Sophie and Julie are wonderful and Mum is very well cared for, and as comfortable as we could wish. It is working very well and we are very appreciative of Daughterly Care.

23 January 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of Live in Care Client who lives in St. Ives, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Wendy,

Words are not enough – the love, the laughter, the adventures you gave mum – they were unique. But beyond that, you were always trying to make things better for her – more comfortable, more safe, more yummy!

Thank you also for those final days – you took a lot of the fear and pain out of those times for Mum, and for us.

I hope you look at these 2 ducks (that used to sit in her bathroom) and remember all the times you led and she followed you – across many wonderful trips, drives, memories and meals – thank you for including Mum in your unique “pond”.

All our love for your future adventures.

Maxine & family

22 December 2016 – Thank You to Fiona from Live in Care Client, Mrs C who lives in Greenwich, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Considerate, kind, charming, hard-working and helpful in every way.

27 November 2016 – Thank You to Jennifer, Wendy & Marilyn from Daughter of Live in Care client who lives in St. Ives on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

They are “Team Carmen”, providing the ultimate in loving home care for my Mother. They are absolutely God sent.

15 November 2016 – Praise from Live in Care Client’s wife who lives in Castle Cove, on Sydney’s North Shore

Dear Vickie, Debbie and Cheryl,

Thank you so much for the care you gave my husband, during his last few weeks of life. I cannot fault the loving and gentle care you all gave him. I will be recommending Daughterly Care to many of my friends and contacts. I would not have been able to keep my husband at home without the help, assistance and support from you all.

Kind Regards,

Mrs W

12 August 2016 – Lovely feedback from Live in Care client, Mrs B’s Daughter who lives in Mt Colah, Sydney’s Upper North Shore

I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for the quality care given to Mum during my respite in WA. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Daughterly Care for any future care needs.

Many thanks to Deb for her friendliness to me over the phone. Her communication with me, though brief, was reassuring and Mum sounded happy, and relaxed while in her care. Her extended stay when Mum became unwell was very much appreciated. Deb will be happy to know that Mum has had no more lower back pain.

3 March 2016 – Call from Live in Care client, Mrs C’s Daughter of Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore

Tracey (Daughterly Care Caregiver) was more than a carer and support for the family during the passing of our Mother. She assured the family that she would hold Mum’s hand if she was to die with the family not being there. Tracey was like a sister to the family.

All the family has experienced Daughterly Care’s services in a short period of time and were grateful that Daughterly Care was able to quickly change from hourly care to Live in Care, and then overnight care for the last week of Mum’s life.

26 February 2016 – Live in Caregiver about a new Elderly client who lives in Mosman

Mrs P is regaining many of her existing activities of daily living. Her family, friends and Mrs P herself are commenting on the same. Mrs P is self-directing, motivated and engaged in all aspects of her daily life and really enjoying her frequent catch-ups with family and friends.