Reviews from clients on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

20 October 2017 – Appreciation from sister of client, Ms V who lives in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Wendy is fantastic, super, caring, nothing is too hard, she thinks and plans ahead, manages difficult situations well and just does what needs to be done and always smiles and is friendly. The family love especially how she anticipates what my sister is going to need and how she has implemented things into the home to make life easier for my sister.

She mentioned that her husband was a handy man and loves doing things around the home. Wendy had asked him to make a few repairs around the home and install some rails for my sister to hold onto and a hand held shower. She was very impressed and wanted Daughterly Care to know how wonderful Wendy was.

18 October 2017  – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mr & Mrs N who lives in Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Hi Eleanor,

Just a quick note to let you know that I popped into Mum and Dad’s yesterday and met Bronwyn. She is absolutely perfect!! Mum and Dad like her very much and we couldn’t be happier.

It is such a relief to know that Mum and Dad are well cared for. I will certainly be singing Daughterly Care’s praises.

Thanks again.


18 October 2017 – Appreciation from husband of client, Mrs B who lives in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

I am writing to let you know that Hazel passed away this morning – which is very sad.

The support she received from her Daughterly Care carers – both from the carers in Mona Vale and when she lived in Wahroonga – has been terrific. I know she really enjoyed those times with the ladies. Thank you both for your support. Just knowing that your service is there has made the ‘dementia years’ so much easier for both of us.

Thank you

21 September 2017 – Appreciation from friend of client, Ms S who lives in Bayview on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks for the progress notes on Michelle, I love to read what they have been doing!

Thanks for sending such wonderful ladies, they are making Michelle and her mum so happy.

Kind regards,


7 July 2017 – Appreciation from client, Mrs V who lives in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

I specifically wanted to say how wonderful Helen and Wendy are, and that they are such a great help.

palm beach geriatric lewy body dementia private care

Caregivers: Helen and Wendy

28 June 2017 – Appreciation from friend of client, Mrs G who lives in Palm Beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dear Helen,

I popped into Daughterly Care to let you know how wonderful you were with the late Mrs G. Being a long time friend of Mrs G’s, I was so pleased that she had someone so affectionate and lovely in her last hours.


private elder care nurse

Registered Nurse: Helen

23 June 2017 – Appreciation from client, Mr B who lives in Balgowlah, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

With appreciation for helping our disabled child at a time when we needed help the most.

22 May 2017 – Appreciation from client, Mrs P who lives in Careel Bay, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Marnie has been absolutely wonderful. She is so caring and calm, and she cannot speak enough praise for her.

13 April 2017 – Appreciative email from Father of client, Miss L who lives in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dear Daughterly Care Community Services,

Our first two nights have worked very successfully with Rhonda and Kristen. They are both lovely ladies. I was particularly impressed with Kristen’s knowledge of how to care for my Daughter, it was clear she made the effort to read information about her condition. Once again, thank you both, we look forward to our next service.

Kind regards,


23 March 2017 – Appreciation from wife of client, Mr M who lives in Warriewood, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dear Daughterly Care,

Thank you for the progress notes for my husband, he seems very happy with both Carmel and Aleksandra. This is such a great relief to me and to our family. You are both such lovely ladies, exactly how Daughterly Care explained they would be.

10 March 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of clients, Mr and Mrs K who live in Freshwater, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

My parents wish to express their gratitude for the support Maggie has provided them, as a Caregiver. They both understand that her assistance has enabled them, to be at home.

On behalf of my extended family, I thank Maggie for her compassion, professionalism, understanding and flexibility.

With appreciation,


1 February 2017 – Appreciation from referring Approved Provider, where the client lives in Belrose, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dear Daughterly Care,

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding Mr H. Please thank Tammy, it sounds like she is providing fabulous service for Mr H. No-one else has managed to get him in the shower or encourage him to eat breakfast, so well done. We are really impressed with Tammy and Daughterly Care services.

11 January 2017 – Praise from Client’s Niece who lives in North Balgowlah, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Beth (the Niece) is very happy with both Caregivers, Kerry and Lorraine. She agrees that Joan is more settled now and less anxious. She is not repeating herself as much as when the service first started. Beth said, Joan is now agreeing that she does need a bit more help and Joan is very happy that they have put Live in Care in place. Beth also said, when she arrives to take over on a Saturday morning, it is the happiest she has seen her Aunt in years.

15 December 2016 – Thank You to Janice from Wife of Client, Mr K who lives in North Narrabeen, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

For her extreme care of my husband. She is always punctual and willing. Thank you Janice.

16 December 2016 – Thank You to Liddy from Client, Mrs T who lives in Narrabeen, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

She is kind caring and competent, and we always get-on really well and she cares.

30 November 2016 – Appreciation from daughter of Elder who lives in Narrabeen, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Dear Maggie and Tammy, I would just like to pass on that in Mum’s words “Tammy is beautiful to her” and “Maggie is just so lovely”. Mum’s legs were not great on Monday and Tammy was really good with her and I do appreciate the work that both Tammy and Maggie are doing for her. They both make her feel cared for and she is very comfortable with them”.


25 November 2016 – Thank You to Tammy from Daughter of Client, Mr G of Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

For her genuine concern for my Father, as well as her personality that allows my Dad to have a laugh and feel relaxed.

3 November 2016 – Thank You to Phillipa & Alison from Client, Ms L of Forestville on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Kindness, care, helpful in lots of ways and lots of laughs.

22 November 2016 – Thank You to Aleks from Daughter of Client, Mrs M who lives in Wheeler Heights on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Alex is an exceptional kind, caring and capable carer for my Mum. She displays foresight in what is needed in caring for my Mum and to make life easier for me by going beyond what other carers do and I truly appreciate the extra effort she goes to.

21 November 2016 – Thank You to Fairy from Husband of Client, Mrs A who lives in Narraweena on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Always went that bit extra in caring for my wife and the rest of the family.

16 November 2016 – Thank You to Kathy from Daughter of Client, Dr T of North Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Caring nature and attentiveness to Dad. Diligent beyond expectations. Consistent feedback on Dad’s well-being.

16 November 2016 – Thank You to Tammy from Client, Mrs O of Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Very caring person who has helped me a lot. We look forward to her visits.

15 November 2016 – Thank You to Sue from Wife of Client, Mr H of Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

My Husband really looks forward to his outings, which speaks for itself. I am very grateful. It is a wonderful service.

15 November 2016 – Thank You to Janice from Son of Client, Mrs I of Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Her helpful assistance in our difficult time has been invaluable and she has our heartfelt thanks.

14 November 2016 – Thank You to Susan from Client, Mrs M of Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Thank you for the exceptional service.

10 November 2016 – Appreciation from daughter of Elder who lives in Brookvale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Dear Maggie,

We love having you look after mum, we are super impressed with Daughterly Care.

7 November 2016 – Thank You to Caregiver, Fairy from Client, Mrs G who lives in Bayview on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Kindness, efficiency, caring, clean, lovely personality, couldn’t manage without her.

6 November 2016 – Appreciation from Daughter of client who lives in Manly, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Daughter emailed Daughterly Care after her Mother forgot to take her medication:

This is a very vivid reminder to us all that Mum’s ‘independence’ is very dependent on the care provided by the wonderful Caregivers from Daughterly Care.

4 November 2016 – Appreciation from son of Elder who lives in Frenchs Forest, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

I wanted to say thank you so much for all the services during the last 2 years. We have dealt with many organisations in the past and Daughterly Care has been a standout service provider. There were many times when Aleksandra’s (and the other carers) weekly reports have bought a tear to my eye. Reading those reports would often put me in Dad’s home and I could picture Aleksandra making him a cup of tea, cooking him a lovely dinner or helping him find his keys. Knowing Dad was being looked after, in such a compassionate way, took a great burden off my shoulders.

Thank you Aleksandra and Daughterly Care.

4 November 2016 – Thank You to Fairy from Husband of Client, Mrs A who lives in Narraweena on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Always went that bit extra in caring for my wife and the rest of the family.

3 November 2016 – Thank You to Janice from Mr & Mrs I, who lives in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

The helpful assistance in our difficult time has been invaluable and she has our heartfelt thanks.

3 November 2016 – Thank you letter from client and family, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Our sincere thanks for your kind, thoughtful and generous actions during your time with Mum (and Dad).

Sue, you did everything and even more for mum that we could have hoped for from a carer.

Sincerely, from the family.

30 September 2016 – Lovely feedback for a last minute Active Night care for a Palliative client, Mrs. H. of Collaroy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

“The daughters of Mrs. H are very happy – both parents slept the whole night through, which was a novel occurrence for them both. Please thank (Daughterly Care Caregiver), Fulori.”

20 September 2016 – Appreciation from Daughter of Client Mrs A. of Collaroy, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

“I want to say a big thank you to Bronwyn for accompanying my mum to the plastic surgeon and waiting around for the procedure to be done, then accompanying her back home and settling her in for the night.”

19 September 2016 – Praise from Daughter-in-Law of the Late John who lived in Collaroy Plateau, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

The Daughter-in-Law of John said, she and her husband had been discussing over the weekend how grateful they were that John was able to pass away at home so well. They were very impressed with both Daughterly Care Live in Carers, Katherine and Cheryl.

At age 93, John was still a very independent man and loved his unit in the RSL Village as well as his own personal space. Both Katherine and Cheryl were able to build a good rapport with John, from when they arrived. This relationship became vital in John’s last few days of life last week because it meant both Caregivers  were able to quickly respond to John’s care needs as they arose.

The Daughter-in-Law said, the family were aware of John’s needs but in the emotion of the moment were unable to respond so quickly and with such confidence in the key moments as John’s condition deteriorated. Whereas Cheryl and Katherine are very special people and were able to confidently respond. Cheryl and Katherine made John and his family feel safe and cared for. Without such experienced Caregivers and the Live in Care service they felt  it would not have gone so well for John.

The Daughter-in-Law also expressed her thanks that I was able to answer all her questions and be so consistent in the background providing an added layer of support to the whole process for both the family and the Daughterly Care Live in Carers.

She said it has been an “amazing experience” and they are very grateful that John could die so peacefully in his own home, as he wished.

Kind regards,

Suzy Crow
Daughterly Care High Care & Live In Case Manager

31 August 2016 – Thanks from Wife of Client Mr. N. of Mona Vale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I have appreciated having Tammy look after Maurice in the last few months. It was such a relief for me knowing that he was being cared for in such a kind and respectful way.

Not only did Tammy attend to Maurice’s needs she also made sure that I was alright and was c