Providing Live in Care is a very personal, tailored solution where our Caregivers work in close quarters with the client. On the odd occasion, personalities don’t ‘click’.   When a new job starts there is always a ‘settling in’ period.   It’s at this time when it’s important to tell your Caregivers how and when you like tasks done, when you enjoy ‘quiet time’ and any of your personal preferences. Our Caregivers will be happy to receive instructions as they want you to be comfortable and happy in your own home.

If the situation is not going as well as you would like – call us straight away. Our priority is your happiness and wellbeing. There may be miscommunications that need to be addressed, but no matter what is required, your best interest is our priority. If a new Caregiver would work better with your style and needs we will replace the present one without any fuss or cost.

Daughterly Care private elder home care Service Satisfaction Guarantee

It’s our guarantee to you that you will be happy with our Caregivers or we give you your money back for the service.