Covid has impacted the aged care worker market massively.  It brought forward retirement for many mature aged care workers, stopped care workers entering Australia, forced some care workers to return home to their country of origin and took care workers out of the market as they stayed home to supervise their school aged children, where they have stayed. Further, “living with Covid” means we still regularly have Caregivers catching Covid and having to take 10 days off work.

As a result, of these shocks to the employment market, we simply cannot employ enough new staff to enable us to take on new clients, at the rate that we accepted new clients during our first 23 years of our business.

All in home care providers are in the exact same position, so ask to be added to our waiting list.  Tell us:

  1. the ideal days and times would you like a service ;and
  2. what will be our role;

When we can cover a new client in your suburb, we will contact you to see if you are still seeking our services.  At that point we will visit you, in your home to:

  1. explain how we work;
  2. answer any questions you have;
  3. understand your care needs and goals;
  4. understand our role; and
  5. to identify Government Funding you might be eligible for.

Meeting you in your home helps us choose a Caregiver, or a small team of Caregivers, to best meet your care needs, match your personality and write a Care Plan that our Caregivers follow each visit.

Based on our discussion with you, our Registered Nurse  / Care Manager documents a Care Plan for our Caregivers to follow each visit.