In an emergency, we are highly likely to be able to provide private care the same day you enquire.  In that case, it is most likely to be a private Registered Nurse who attends so that they can do a Work, Health and Safety (WHS) assessment at the start of the service and in that case we charge a Registered Nurse rate for that first home care service. In ordinary circumstances, our preference is that we meet you in your home a couple of weeks or a few days prior to the first service.

Our private Registered Nurses visits you so that we can meet you, understand your care needs and goals and talk through what our role would be and identify if there is Government Funding that can be applied for.

Meeting you in your home helps us choose a Caregiver, or a small team of Caregivers, to best meet your home care needs and match your personality. Based on our discussion with you, our Registered Nurse documents a nursing Care Plan that our Caregivers follow each visit.