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These words of appreciation are from clients about our Live in Care in home care service. Our testimonials are all unsolicited feedback about our Live in Carers about our Private Nurses, Live-In Caregivers and High Care Case Managers.

19 October 2018 – Email from Live in Care Client, Castle Hill

Hi Suzanne,

Suzanna seems lovely. She is friendly, well organised and is attentive to my Dad’s needs.

Daughter’s Name withheld

15 October 2018 – Thank You from the family of Mr R who lives in Baulkham Hills, in Sydney’s Hills District

I would like to recognise Ming for her heartfelt service.

14 September 2018 – Thank You from wife of client, Mr K who lives in Frenches Forest on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Marga brought laughter to my father. Thank you for sharing the world with someone with dementia and making it fun.

14 September 2018 – Thank You from wife of client, Mr K who lives in Frenches Forest on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Eileen took it on her own initiative to sleep in the same room as my father to ensure he was safe and assistance was immediate, if needed.

7th September 2018 – Email from Registered Nurse who owns a Home Care Nursing business and who observed our Live in Carer at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre in Mosman

Hi there Claire,

My name is Sue and I’ve been at Bridgepoint Shopping Centre all this week doing Free Health Assessments and helping people navigate the Aged Care System.

I’ve seen Irene V of your staff members a couple of times and was really impressed with the care and attention she was providing your client, Mrs W. It was lovely to watch them together. Irene was so gentle and attentive with her. You’re lucky to have her as an employee 🙂

Kind regards,


3 September 2018 – Thank You from wife of client, Mr L who lives in Pymble on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Jenni has kindness, compassion and professional care shown to John.

15 August 2018 – Appreciative words from the grandson of Live in Care client,  Mr D who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s North Shore

Dear Lyn,

I am writing this letter in thanks and gratitude towards Daughterly Care, and for the opportunity to participate in activities that engage Dad. I am grateful for this service experience as it has given me new qualities that I didn’t know I had, such as patience and compassion.

This service experience has changed and impacted me, but it has also shown how lucky we are to have, what we have.

Yours sincerely,


13 August 2018 – Thank You from the sister of client, Mrs K who lives in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Thank you Lorraine for the support to Margaret’s food and fluid intake! Lorraine provides total care and help with services in Margaret’s home.

13 August 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs K who lives in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Lorraine brings total care and provides occupational therapy to my mother’s home.

6 August 2018 – Email from son of Live in Care client at Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches


Just a note of thanks. Daughterly Care is a much needed service for “normal families”  but it is an absolute godsend for families like ours where I am the only living family member and am on the other side of the world. When mum lost mobility, losing the sight in one eye and fracturing vertebrae, I didn’t know where to turn. A friend recommended Daughterly Care and I am so glad he did. We got live in 24/7 care for a number of months while mum went through treatment and we looked at nursing home solution.

You and all the carers have been great; skilled, kind and supportive of my mother and absolutely professional. You have made this transition to the next stage of her life as easy as it could possibly be for both mum and myself, considering the stressful and trying circumstances. I would like to acknowledge Nichole who has been an absolute angel (and should be canonised) . She has gone above and beyond the call and truly been “a daughter” for mum when I could only be there for a limited time. We would like to continue to have Nichole visit mum in the nursing home on a regular basis.

Thank you so much.



5 August 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs M who lives in Kurrajong Heights on Sydney’s Lower Blue Mountains

Louise manages my mother wonderfully, mum laughs and talks to her and eats with her. She goes the extra mile whenever possible.

4 August 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs M who lives in Kurrajong Heights, in Sydney’s Lower Blue Mountains

Vicky is extremely thoughtful about what will be good for mum, and goes out of her way to help her be more content.

3 August 2018 – Thank You from clients, Mr and Mrs V who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

I would like to recognise Bronwyn for the heartfelt service she has provide for myself and my husband.

2 August 2018 – Thank You from client, Mrs L who lives in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Jennifer is bubbly and makes me laugh and I enjoy when she takes me out, and her care is exceptional.

2 August 2018 – Thank You from clients, Mr and Mrs V who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

We would like to recognise Debby for her heartfelt service.

1 August 2018 – Thank You from client, daughter of client, Dr C who lives in Smiths Lake on the NSW North Coast

Barbara anticipates mum’s needs, supports me too, deals with aggression calmly, and fights to protect mum.

1 August 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs C who lives in Smiths Lake on the NSW North Coast

Evelyn has a good nature and warm. She organises sweet touches, like getting a photo montage made for dad in the nursing home.

27 July 2018 – Thank You from sister of client, Mrs G who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Margaret has provide 10 years of great loving care of my sister.

27 July 2018 – Thank You from sister of client, Mrs G who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Carmen’s 10 years of loving care of my sister has been wonderful.

23 July 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs B who lives in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Tina has become one of the family and devotes her time to care for mum. It gives families like mine, peace of mind.

23 July 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs B who lives in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Gwyneth works with Tina to provide wonderful care to mum. It is wonderful to have peace of mind for the family. She is a lovely person.

16 July 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client,  Mr B who lives in Clontarf on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Kerry is professional, efficient, and fits is very well with family – delight to have around.

16 July 2018 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mr B who lives in Clontarf on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Karen is very professional, patient with dad and keeps me well informed.

12 July 2018 – Thank you from daughter of live-in care client, Mrs B who lives in Wahroonga on Sydney’s upper north shore

For her unwavering commitment to the professional and compassionate care for my Mother.

12 July 2018 – Thank you from son of client, Mrs B who lives in Wahroonga on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

On behalf of my Mother, I would like to thank Tracey for her professional attitude and kind heart.

11 July 2018 – Thank you from daughter of client, Mr A who lives in East Lindfield on Sydney’s upper north shore

Michelle is caring, thoughtful and kind.

11 July 2018 – Thank you from daughter of client, Mr A who lives in East Lindfield on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Katrina is very caring, respectful, a good cook and has attention to detail.

10 July 2018 – Thank you from the daughter of client, Mrs C who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Thank you for your care of Joan, you do a wonderful job. It is much appreciated.

10 July 2018 – Thank you from the wife of client, Mr S who lives in Paddington on Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Romy, Hana and Charmayne are very caring and helpful to my husband and me.

10 July 2018  – Thank you from client, Mrs B who lives in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Nichole gives out 100% of herself and goes out of her way to make life comfortable.

10 July 2018 – Thank you from client, Mrs B who lives in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Elizabeth is thoughtful and has great organisational skills.

6 July 2018 – Thank you from client, Mrs L who lives in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dao introduced to me to fruit salad in the mornings when I wake up and her care for me is fantastic.

6 July 2018 – Thank you from client, Mrs S who lives in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Brady is kind, compassionate, patient and she is totally respectful in the way she assists me every day.

5 July 2018 – Thank you from husband and wife clients, Mr and Mrs E who lives in Asquith on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Margaret cared for my husband 24 hours a day, while I went to Canberra for a reunion. She even came a day earlier to meet us and share our needs.

5 July 2018 – Thank you from live-in care client, Mrs V who lives in Palm beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Wendy is fantastic, super, caring and nothing is too hard. She thinks and plans ahead, as well as manages difficult situations well and just does what needs to be done and always smiles and is friendly. The family love especially how she anticipates what I may need and how Wendy has implemented things into the home to make life easier for me.

5 July 2018 – Thank You from client, Mrs M who lives in Mt Druitt, in Sydney’s Western Suburbs

Yvonne’s care was wonderful, also her company.

26 March 2018 – Appreciative Phone Call from the friend of our Palm Beach / Woollahra client

Janet, a friend of our client, G called to sing the praises of our Live in Carer, Wendy. She had seen Wendy in action advocating for her friend with an OT from the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).  Janet said, “Wendy is fantastic, full of energy and happiness. She provides professional and wonderful care for my friend”.

Suzie Crowe

High Care Case Manager

live-in carer private care elder north shore 24hr 24 hour northern beaches neutral bay castlecrag

Live in Carer: Wendy

16 March 2018 – Appreciation from Son of live in care client, Mr A who lives in Sydney City, New South Wales

The family and my Father are extremely happy with the care Daughterly Care provides for my Dad. Live in Carer, Miranda was a breath of fresh air and she is extremely good at what she does.

7 March 2018 – Appreciation from Daughter of live-in care client, Mrs M who lives in Woolwich on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Elizabeth and Vera both continue doing a great job caring for Mum, as all Daughterly Care Live-in Carers have done to date.


11 January 2018 – Appreciative email from the daughter of Live in Care clients from Turramurra on Sydney’s North Shore

[This couple transferred out of a Group Home back home using our trial live in care service and now receive personalised one-on-two care in their own home with our Live in Care service. Mrs E had been a Concert Pianist and was crying and anxious each day. Their High Care Case Manager, Jean Parlane organised for Gina Ogilivie, our Musical Director to visit and she worked out that Mrs E’s left hand wasn’t keeping up with her right hand when playing the piano and she was grieving the loss of being able to play the piano. So Jean organised for a Caregiver who is also a Piano Teacher to visit for 2 hours, 3 times a week to play the piano with Mrs E. 

Our Caregiver / Piano Teacher plays the left hand of the music and Mrs E plays the right hand. Now that’s person-centred, enabling care.

Mrs E regards our Caregiver as her music student and gains great self-esteem from teaching her how to play the piano properly. Mrs E also plays the violin and plays duets with our Caregiver playing the piano.]

Hi Jean

Yes it [the caregiver who is a piano teacher] is a wonderful addition to Mum’s life and Andrea has become a treasured part of Mum’s life. Thank you so much for your vision and exceptional understanding of supporting both Mum and Dad.

I would love to get reports as they come in and am looking forward to telling my students of how companies like yours are innovating in the world of dementia care.

Cathy seems to be all over it and has won Dad’s heart through her fabulous wholesome meals and happy non-flustered approach. We are all very grateful they are being loved and cared for.

Thank you so much

Registered Nurse & Aged Care Trainer


3 January 2018 – Daughter’s feedback about her Mother’s final weeks of live in palliative care

It is a wonderful service Daughterly Care offers. I was sceptical when I read the website because it seemed too good to be true but Daughterly Care really delivered everything they promised. I would recommend Daughterly Care’s service to anyone. Thank you to the wonderful carers who looked after my mother in her last few weeks. Your carer Vera in particular was wonderful.

Mum came alive again when she got home from hospital. She was so happy to be at home. Thank you for making my mother so happy in her last few weeks.

3 January 2018 –  Feedback from a Palliative Live in Care client’s brother

Your Live in Carer,  Yvonne, made the last 5 weeks of Helen’s life really lovely. Yvonne was a perfect match for Helen and Yvonne looked after Helen so well.  I am so pleased that I used Daughterly Care to care for my sister. I would also like to thank Marga, who started the service as she was wonderful to Helen too.

Even though Helen was prepared to go to Greenwich Hospital for the last few days of her life Yvonne was able to be with Helen the whole time and was with my sister when she passed away, unlike Greenwich staff who were coming and going.  With Yvonne’s constant attention and care Helen’s passing was so much more peaceful and she had no anxiety. Yvonne was able to do so much more for Helen than Greenwich Hospital alone could have done.

Helen received total one on one care and slipped away very peacefully and with no pain.

Thank you Daughterly Care for providing such wonderful palliative care for my sister.

10 November 2017 – Appreciation card from a client’s sister of Woollahra, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Dear Wendy,

Thank you more than we can say, for looking after G with such cheerfulness and practicality.  You enable my sister to lead as normal a life as she possibly can, keeping up with her friends and having adventures too!

Much love

From the client’s sister

Daughterly Care Caregiver Wendy

22 September 2017 – Appreciation from son of client, Mrs J who lives in Palm Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Mum’s first service went more than well, Suzanne. We are, and Mum is, absolutely thrilled with Vera. She is superb and a real blessing on us at this time. I cannot thank you enough.



21 September 2017 – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mr P who lives in St Ives on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

I wanted to place on record our appreciation of the outstanding work that Brady and Cathi have done in the time that they have been with us. They are a credit to themselves, their profession and to Daughterly Care.

We are absolutely delighted with their:

  • friendliness;
  • use of initiative;
  • professionalism;
  • attention to detail; and
  • high standard of care.

They have made the world of difference to Dad and, on behalf of our family, I’d like to say a very special thank you to you, Brady and Cathi for all you have done to help improve Dad’s quality of life.

Brady and Cathi made a great team because they complemented each other so beautifully.

Amongst their other talents, Brady is exceptional at creating order out of disorder and Cathi is a great cook, budget and home manager.

We were all very sad to see Brady suddenly re-allocated and leave but hope that we will see her back as part of Dad’s care team soon.

With thanks,


21 September 2017 – Appreciation from son of client, Mr and Mrs P who lives in Castle Cove on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Hi Suzy.

Just a line to thank Daughterly Care for looking after Mum and Dad over the last few months. Fiona, Vera and Di were all very good and my parents weren’t always the easiest clients, I’m sure. Fiona, Vera and Di were always very professional and seemed genuinely to care about Mum and Dad.

You and your colleagues back at the office were always very accessible and helpful as well. It was quite a difficult time with both parents in and out of hospital and a lot of uncertainty all round, so the support that Daughterly Care offered was very much appreciated. You probably know that Mum and Dad came down to Canberra. They’re settling in to the aged care home pretty well.

Again, thanks for all your help. Not sure how we would have coped without it.

29 August 2017 – Appreciation from daughter of client, Mrs B who lives in Wahroonga on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Hi Suzy,

Thank you so much for organising the tickets, and transport, for Mum to attend the Archibald art exhibition. By all accounts it was a wonderful experience and Victoria reported just how stimulated Mum was both during the excursion and afterwards. I noticed the same on Saturday morning, she was not only excitedly talking to me about the exhibition but also generally more cognisant.

I really appreciate this opportunity given to her by Daughterly Care, please pass my thanks to Kate as well.

Kind Regards,


3 August 2017 – Appreciation from client, Mr P who lives in St Ives on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Daughterly Care,

As a new Live-in Care client, I wanted to let you all know that our Carer, Beverley is fantastic. She is making my life worth living.

25 July 2017 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs M who lives in Kurrajong Heights on Sydney’s Hawkesbury region

Thank you to Louise and Vicky for taking care of Mum, and thinking of lovely ways to enhance her life and amuse her.

23 July 2017 – Thank You from daughter of client, Mrs P who lives in Elanora Heights on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Louise is very caring to my Mum and makes sure, when she goes out, she is nicely dressed, hair and make-up done. Mum, in her day always took pride in the way she looked.

21 July 2017 – Appreciation from son of client, Mrs S who lives in Frankston, Victoria

Thank you for your help in getting my Mother from the hotel to Sydney airport so she could get home. You provided the missing piece in the jigsaw for getting my Mother to our Sydney wedding. My Mother said that Lyndie was marvellous – kind, courteous and extremely helpful. Thank you again.



21 July 2017 – Appreciation from client, Mrs S and family who lives in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dearest Cheryl,

We appreciate your calm and respectful approach to care.

Much appreciation,

S family

7 July 2017 – Thank You from client, Mrs D who lives in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Thank you to Alison for your hard work and kindness.

7 July 2017 – Thank You from client, Mrs H who lives in Wahroonga on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Thank you to all my carers; Margaret F, Michele, Margaret M, Gwyneth, Didi, Julie, Claire, Robynne, Marilyn, Lorraine, Sophie.

7 July 2017 – Appreciation from family of  Live in Care client, Mrs I who lived in Peakhurst on Sydney’s St George region

G’day Penny,

Please accept our sincere thanks for the care provided by you and Daughterly Care Caregivers in the weeks prior to Mrs I passing away. We would like you to pass on to Maryanne, Miranda and Brady our gratitude for their professional and caring way they treated Mrs I.

She made the comment a number of times in those last few weeks that these three ladies were wonderful.

Again, our sincere thanks.

2 July 2017 – Thank You from Live in Care client, Dr W who lives in Mosman on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Thank you Wendy for your lovely cooking because I love food.

2 July 2017 – Thank You from Live in Care client, Mrs W who lives in Avalon Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Thank you Tracey and Margaret for your endless patience, sunny good humour and for always going above and beyond for our sometimes hectic household.

1 July 2017 – Thank You from Live in Care client Mrs C who lives in Balgowlah Heights on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Kerry, thank you for all your caring support.

16 June 2017 – Appreciative feedback from daughters of Live in Care client, Mrs S who lives in Bateau Bay, on the New South Wales Central Coast

Hi Kathy,

Mum thoroughly enjoyed her recent time at home with Lynne and, came back to us bright and positive about life. It was really nice to see. We would like to book some more care for Mum.

Thanks for all your help. We are very grateful for all the wonderful service provided by Daughterly Care.

Kind regards,

J and J

15 June 2017 – Thank You from wife of live in care client, Mr H who lives in Cherrybrook on Sydney’s Northern Suburbs region

Thank you Brady for the great care, respect and kindness for my husband’s care.

1 June 2017 – Appreciative feedback from Daughter of Live in Care client, Mrs L who lives in Clontarf, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Hi Suzanne,

I just wanted to let you know, what a great job Lee did over the weekend! My Mother really liked having her around.

Regards, L

30 May 2017 – Thank You from client, Mrs H who lives in the Sydney City

Margaret is a very considerate and kind Caregiver. A credit to your organisation.

10 May 2017 – Appreciative feedback from Live in Care client’s niece, Mr D who lives in Ermington, Sydney, NSW

I just wanted to say how lovely Michelle was and she did a wonderful job with Uncle Leo. She is always be welcome.

Have a great day.

Warm regards,


10 April 2017 – Appreciative email from the Sister-in-law of a Live in Care client, Ms W from Kirribilli in North Sydney

Hi Suzy,

Please thank Danielle for her services and how much she was appreciated, and her bit of humour that were in the notes from time to time.

Thank you.




31 March 2017 – Appreciative email from the Daughter of a Live in Care client from St Ives on Sydney’s North Shore

Hello Jen.

We knew it was coming – you made the way as gentle and calm as possible and yet it is still amazing that you won’t be there Monday to Wednesday, next week. Mum did absorb the care and kindness, endless patience and good humour you gave her. She had some great times with you! She takes all that with her and we take comfort from it too.

Thank you for your insights, your guidance and your good judgement in providing mum with the best quality life and exit possible.

Much love daughter M [name withheld].

2 March 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of Client who lives in St. Ives, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Jen,

“Thanks” will never be enough for the loving care you gave Mum – such insight, such patience, such endless encouragement – she was the best she could be for as long as she could be because of the environment, safety and constant caring you gave her.

And now, all the very biggest hugs and wishes for your future – love,

Maxine and family

27 February 2017 – Lovely Feedback from Daughter of Client Mrs O who lives in Waverton, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Sophie and Julie are wonderful and Mum is very well cared for, and as comfortable as we could wish. It is working very well and we are very appreciative of Daughterly Care.


23 January 2017 – Appreciation from Daughter of Client who lives in St. Ives, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dear Wendy,

Words are not enough – the love, the laughter, the adventures you gave mum – they were unique. But beyond that, you were always trying to make things better for her – more comfortable, more safe, more yummy!

Thank you also for those final days – you took a lot of the fear and pain out of those times for Mum, and for us.

I hope you look at these 2 ducks (that used to sit in her bathroom) and remember all the times you led and she followed you – across many wonderful trips, drives, memories and meals – thank you for including Mum in your unique “pond”.

All our love for your future adventures.

Maxine & family.


11 January 2017 – Appreciative feedback from new Live in Care client’s niece, North Balgowlah, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW

During a quality control check the niece of our client told our High Care Case Manager,

“When I arrive to do the weekend Live in Care for my Aunty, she is the happiest I have seen her in years. She is less anxious, more settled, repeating herself less since Live in Care started.  My Aunt now realises that she did need the extra help and is happy that we put Live in Care in place”.

Daughterly Care has provided 5 days of live in care during the week since mid-November 2016 and the niece provides 2 days of live in care for her Aunt.

The Best in home care in Sydney's north shore

Caregiver Margaret

20 January 2017 – Appreciation from client’s daughter who lives in Bateau Bay, on the NSW Central Coast

Thank you Margaret, mum is having a wonderful time with you. Thank you Daughterly Care for organising another excellent Carer for mum.

Mrs S’s daughter

11 January 2017 – Praise from Client’s Niece who lives in North Balgowlah, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Beth (the Niece) is very happy with both Caregivers, Kerry and Lorraine. She agrees that Joan is more settled now and less anxious. She is not repeating herself as much as when the service first started. Beth said, Joan is now agreeing that she does need a bit more help and Joan is very happy that they have put Live in Care in place. Beth also said, that when she arrives to take over on a Saturday morning, it is the happiest she has seen her Aunt in years.


22 December 2016 – Thank You to Fiona from Client, Mrs C who lives in Greenwich, on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Considerate, kind, charming, hard-working and helpful in every way.

27 November 2016 – Thank You to Jennifer, Wendy & Marilyn from Daughter of Client who lives in St. Ives on Sydney’s Upper North Shore


They are “Team Carmen”, providing the ultimate in loving home care for my Mother. They are absolutely God sent.

15 November 2016 – Praise from Castle Cove Client’s Wife

Dear Vickie, Debbie and Cheryl, Thank you so much for the care you gave my husband, during his last few weeks of life. I cannot fault the loving and gentle care you all gave him. I will be recommending Daughterly Care to many of my friends and contacts. I would not have been able to keep my husband at home without the help, assistance and support from you all. Kind Regards, Mrs W.


26 October 2016 – Praise from daughter of Mrs S of Wetherill Park, in Sydney

I just want to commend Carer, Selena who stayed with Mum for 4 days. The care she provided to Mum was exceptional. My mind was at ease with the attention, professionalism, compassion, and understanding that Selena provided to my mother even when she was unwell. Our neighbours also complimented her on her friendliness and dedication to her position. I can’t express how grateful and relieved I feel for finding Daughterly Care, your organisation is aptly named!

Yours sincerely,


19 September 2016 – Praise from daughter in law of the Late John H, of Collaroy Plateau, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

B, the Daughter in Law of John H said she and her husband had been discussing over the weekend how grateful they were that John was able to pass away at home so well. They were very impressed with both Daughterly Care Live in Carers, Katherine and Cheryl.

At age 93, John was still a very independent man and loved his unit in the RSL Village as well as his own personal space. Both Katherine and Cheryl were able to build a good rapport with John,  from when they arrived. This relationship became vital in John’s last few days of life last week because it meant both Caregivers  were able to quickly respond to John’s care needs as they arose. B said the family were aware of John’s needs but in the emotion of the moment were unable to respond so quickly and with such confidence in the key moments as John’s condition deteriorated, whereas Cheryl and Katherine are very special people and were able to confidently respond. Cheryl and Katherine made John and his family feel safe and cared for.  Without such experienced Caregivers and the live in care service they felt  it would not have gone so well for John.

B also expressed her thanks that I was able to answer all her questions and be so consistent in the background providing an added layer of support to the whole process for both the family and the Daughterly Care Live in Carers.

She said it has been an “amazing experience” and they are very grateful that John could die so peacefully in his own home, as he wished.

Kind regards,

Suzy Crow
Daughterly Care High Care & Live In Case Manager

Daughterly Care Live In Care Case Manager, Penny

Dear Penny, Ruby, Kerry and the team

Dad was very thankful for the care given to him by your staff over the last 2 years, as we all have been.

Mr & Mrs M of Narrabeen

Daughterly Care Live In Care Caregiver, Victoria

Our family really likes Victoria.

Victoria is very proactive Live in Caregiver. She takes our 92 years young Mother to yoga and swimming with the help of my brother. Mother has found life again!!!

Live in Care client from Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Daughterly Care Live In Care Caregiver, Hanna

Live In Care reduced to sleepovers as a client’s health improved.

Son of a client wrote… Mum and I are very grateful to Daughterly Care for all the help given and jumping at the last minute to change or start services. We are very happy with Daughterly Care and if you want me to put this in writing as a reference I am more than happy to.

Mrs S and Dr S from Gladesville

26 May 2016 – Appreciation from client’s family for the years of help at St Ives, Mudgee and Collaroy

“I am writing to thank you and your Caregivers for the years of help and wonderful care given to Mr & Mrs G.

Finding Daughterly Care was a life saver, helping me manage various emergencies, organise last minute changes to care, taking control of the running of their home, lives, chooks, horse and so on,  all helped take the pressure off me and helped us keep them both home as long as possible.

In more recent years the dedication of Caregiver Jackie with her care of Mr G was nothing short of amazing. I really had to take a step back as my work and family became very busy and it was such a comfort to me knowing Mr G was being cared for so well in all aspects of his life at St Ives, Mudgee and Collaroy War Vets. Jackie really “got ” Mr G and all his little idiosyncrasies! We felt very happy he was in such good hands”.

Daughter M

4 March 2016 – Feedback from our High Care Case Manager Jean

I was speaking to our lovely Caregiver, Sue, who has been looking after an 87 year old client with a brain tumour. As he couldn’t go overseas due to his brain tumour, the family decided to give both he and his wife a ‘holiday at home’ with two weeks In Home 24hr Live in Care.

When Sue arrived on the 1st day she was taught to bake bread, make yoghurt and to play the Ukele by Bob and the lessons continued daily. Yesterday the whole family gathered as it was Bob’s birthday. Bob gave Sue one of his 3 ukuleles with a box that he had made himself – this obviously bought tears to all eyes especially Sue’s and she has just told me it is something she will continue to learn to play.

She found it very hard leaving but felt that she made a difference to Bob, Tess and their family over the last 10 days.

12 August 2016 – Lovely Feedback From the Daughter of Mrs B. of Mt Colah, Sydney’s Upper North Shore

I have been meaning to write to you and thank you for the quality care given to Mum during my respite in WA. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Daughterly Care for any future care needs.

Many thanks to Deb for her friendliness to me over the phone. Her communication with me, though brief, was reassuring, and Mum sounded happy and relaxed while in her care. Her extended stay when Mum became unwell was very much appreciated. Deb will be happy to know that Mum has had no more lower back pain.

8 August 2016 – Thanks from Mrs T. Live in Respite Care

Just want to say thank you for arranging for Liddy to stay with me for the last 3 weeks. We got on really well together and she is a lovely lady, so if John decides he wants another extended holiday I would be only too happy to have her with me again.

3 March 2016 – Call from Mrs C’s daughter of Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore

Tracey (caregiver) was more than a carer and support for the family during the passing of our Mother. She assured the family that she would hold Mum’s hand if she was to die with the family not being there. Tracey was like a Sister to the family. All the family has experienced all Daughterly Care’s services in a short period of time and were grateful that Daughterly Care was able to quickly change from hourly care to Live in Care and then overnight care for the last week of Mum’s life.

12 February 2016 – Mrs P of Fairfield West

The son of a recent client commented to our carer – “You are so calm and peaceful . It is so lovely to have had you here.”

26 February 2016 – Live In Caregiver about a new live in care client who lives in Mosman

Mrs P is regaining many of her existing activities of daily living.  Her family, friends and Mrs P herself are commenting on the same. Mrs P is self-directing, motivated and engaged in all aspects of her daily life and really enjoying her frequent catch ups with family and friends.

14 December 2015 – Email from client’s Daughter

Eleanor and Caroline are caring for Mum so well – she is in a really good place mentally with them. Please pass on our thanks to your ladies.


18 November 2015 – Feedback from friends of our Live in Palliative Care client, Cremorne Point, Lower North Shore.

We have been regularly visiting the S home, and we would now like to compliment the two Michelles who have been caring so diligently for Mr S and helping Mrs S.

Each time I have phoned or arrived on the doorstep, they have been welcoming and efficient. Between them, we believe that they have assisted Mr S in his desire to die gently in his own home.

As friends, we would like to thank them both, most sincerely.

Please pass this on to both the Michelles

Thank you,

Mr and Mrs D from Cremorne Point

15 November 2015 – Appreciation for short term Live in Care client in Mosman healed and re-enabled

Hi Suzanne,

We have found your Live in Care has been very satisfactory.

We won’t need to have Live in Care after Tracey leaves at this stage.

I will be 6 weeks post-op and fortunately I have made a good recovery.

Thanking you for your help and for the help of the carers who assisted us.



20 October 2015 – Appreciation from Client who lives in Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Hi Penny,

I know that your usual communications are with John but I just wanted to get in touch to say how well I’m going with Rachel. She’s a really lovely lady and not only do we get on well, she seems to handle all my wants and needs extremely well.

Thank you for arranging Rachel to come and having her here for the whole week is really working well.

Thanks again

Mrs T of Narrabeen

13 October 2015 – Feedback from Mosman client on Sydney’s Lower North Shore

Hi Ann,

I was talking with Mrs M of Mosman this morning and I just wanted to let you know that both Mr and Mrs M are very happy with your work and really enjoy having you in their home. Mr M has lost a lot of his anxiety just knowing that you are coming in every day. So thank you for the good work you do.

Robin Bower
Mosman Aged Care Centre

22 July 2015 – A note of appreciation from Ms B from North Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches


My name is Louise and my neighbours, Sue and Bob, have been your clients.

I just wanted to send a note of appreciation for the care of Gwyneth.

More recently she has cared for Bob after the loss of his beloved wife and through his struggle with dementia. I can not compliment her highly enough for her care, professionalism and love for this man.

We are his neighbours and my children were like grandchildren to Bob – and Gwyneth treated them as such … to the point of buying them little birthday presents from Bob and always welcoming them with games to play and conversation to have with him.

I remember the first time I met Gwyneth and she had taken the time to look at the books, music and household wares that Sue and Bob had, so that she could discover what type of people they were and treated them, and their possessions, with respect and dignity. On that day, despite the stress of two people adjusting to having a carer in their house, she managed to find Sue’s favourite tea set and table cloth. This was just one example of how Gwyneth always ensured that the house remained Sue and Bob’s home – using the things they liked, in a way they enjoyed! … even the front flower planter boxes got replanted with flowers for a very garden proud Bob.

After Sue passed away, Gwyneth dealt so gently with Bob … quietly but efficiently she organised medical appointments, social outings, beautiful meals and treated him with the utmost respect and dignity. In the last days, she read to him, always picked flowers from his garden to have by his side, played music with him and talked quietly to him when nothing else would soothe his erratic breathing.

On his final day, I went to the hospital and knew that Gwyneth must have also popped in despite her shift being over because there beside him were flowers from his garden and a photo of him and his beloved wife.

It is these small but incredibly thoughtful aspects of her care that made Gwyneth an outstanding companion, carer and friend to us all in Bob’s final days.

I cannot recommend her highly enough in any endeavour she has with your company

Kind Regards

Ms B

24 September 2015 – Today I attended a Live In Care client to review her Care Plan and ensure our client is happy with her Caregivers.

The family said that the standard of care our Caregivers provide was excellent.

They appreciate the smooth running of the house, the consistency of care provided and the lengths our Caregivers go to make the house a home. The client loves the home cooked evening meals and the meals cooked and left in the freezer. Even though it can be difficult at times, our Caregiver cooks a roast lunch on Sundays for the family who said they really look forward to visiting their parent and having this meal together. They appreciate our Caregiver gets the good table cloth and china out and makes the dining table look special.  She is an excellent cook.

Suzy Crow

High Care Case Manager

16 June 2015 – An appreciative email from family, Hunters Hill on Sydney’s North Shore

Hi Suzanne,

Each of the Caregivers Louisa, Jane and Fiona showed great competence, professionalism and also personal sensitivity. They made a difficult phase in Jennifer’s life into a period of satisfaction and improved her quality of life, despite her growing physical disabilities. Jennifer really appreciated all of this and looked forward to each of their arrivals.

The job-share between the Live In Caregivers turned out particularly well, both because of the amount of energy and feeling each of the Caregivers was able to give Jennifer, and because of the different but complementary approaches they each had.

Their teamwork was also excellent. We all enjoyed getting to know each of them, to the point where we regarded them as friends, but even so they never acted less than professional. Having them there also made it easy for friends and extended family to be involved with Jennifer and make them more able to visit her.

I should also mention the very high standard of the work provided by the relieving Caregivers who came from time to time came – particularly Wanqa, Langy, Julia and on what proved to be Jennifer’s last day with us, Lyn (apologies for the misspelling of names). Each of those I’ve named entered into their role with Jennifer with whole-heartedness, professionalism and sensitivity.

As I have also mentioned on other occasions, we appreciated the support we always had from you, your predecessor Annie, and other members of the Daughterly Care management team – many thanks.

We all appreciated the spectacularly beautiful arrangement which you sent for the funeral. It was the centre point of the gathering after the funeral service and adorned the table in my hall for many days afterwards. Many thanks to you, Louisa, Jane and Fiona, for coming to the funeral, and for others who have sent us their sympathy.

Yours sincerely

Nicholas K, Anthony and Harriet of Hunters Hill.

10 June 2015 – Appreciative Email from family from Kiama Downs

Hi Suzanne,

We have been extremely satisfied with the care that Mum has received over the past few months especially with the sad circumstances of Brian passing away and we believe the one-on-one care has been very beneficial for Mum. Eleanor and Katherine are exceptional Live In Caregivers, compassionate and adaptable to Mum’s needs.

I would like to thank both Eleanor and Katherine personally if this is ok and would also be happy to write a testimonial about our experience with Daughterly Care.

Kind regards,

Mrs S (Daughter), Kiama Downs

20 April 2015 – Appreciative phone call from Live in Care client’s family from Kiama Downs

Daughterly Care is a God send.  Katherine is amazing !!! Our family will be forever indebted to her. She was calm and strong in the most difficult circumstance caring for our mother and father. Our family cannot thank her enough. We want to keep Daughterly Care for as long as we can so Mum can be stable at home for as long as possible”.

Kiama Downs

26 January 2015 – Excerpt from a Daughter’s newsletter to her friends expressing appreciation for Daughterly Care’s Live in Caregivers

“Mum was 100 years and 8 months when she died. Despite more falls after last year’s broken hips, she had been in relatively good health until she succumbed to pneumonia after another fall in mid-June. Mum had loathed the idea of being incapacitated or unable to be at home. She never got over losing her licence; holding it till 100 wasn’t enough… losing it was the issue.

With the help of her Daughterly Care Live in Caregivers Judi and Janet she was, fortunately, able to remain at home until the pneumonia. Rhonda and your girls were fantastic with her and I will be forever grateful for their care. We miss Mum but we celebrate a remarkably full life, well lived.

With many, many thanks to the wonderful team at Daughterly Care for your great support and for matching Mum up with two ‘perfect’ angels to care for her.”

From the daughter of Mrs M of Collaroy

2014 – Feedback from our Live in home Caregiver Victoria

When Mrs M was sick and I took her to bed she said – “I’m so glad you are with me all the time as you are so confident. Later, when I said goodnight she said, “I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work, I want to go on a hillside and say it from there, I feel so much better psychologically thanks to you.”

M (Granddaughter of Live in Care client) from Kellyville in Sydney’s Hills District

I would like to take this time to thank you personally for all your assistance in providing such a high level service to my grandfather. My immediate family would like to make special mention of the outstanding service provided by Luisa. To have a carer as passionate as her is an asset to your company.

Daughter of Mrs J who lives in Gordon, on Sydney’s Upper North Shore

Dad was very touched as was all the family and wanted to thank you again for the kindness and care you gave both Mum and Dad over the last few months.

Appreciation from Client, Mrs N from Beecroft, in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs

During a client visit this morning, Mrs N described our Caregiver Samantha as an Angel with a beautiful energy around her. Mrs N also said that Live In Home care is a lovely nursing service as she was able to have her great grandchildren running around the house without disturbing anyone and also have her family over for dinner.”

22 February 2010 – Appreciative compliments from son of Sydney Eastern Suburbs Live in Care client

Ettie (Live in Caregiver) was superb – such an amazing soul and a wonderful human being. By the way both of the ladies, Ettie and Danielle  have been absolutely superb both professionally and interpersonally. Amazingly wonderful people.  Thanks so much to all you guys – you’ve all been a rock of stability and pragmatism through this whole process – amazing.



David, son of client


From the Accountant Daughter of a Live in Care client in Bellevue Hill, in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

“My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in late 2003 just after she turned eighty. Initially, we realised that Mum needed more in home care assistance with day to day tasks. We started with a Caregiver for two hours, twice a week, to help Mum with shopping and preparing meals. As Mum’s memory worsened, we increased the care to a couple of hours each morning and evening.

In early 2005, Mum broke her hip and had to have an operation and spent four weeks in hospital including a rehab hospital. Around this time, we found that Dad’s memory was also failing and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We realised that they both needed more care so we increased the care to twelve hours a day when Mum came home from hospital.

No-one in the family considered a nursing home at this stage. Physically Mum and Dad both seemed too well and as Alzheimer’s progresses slowly, they still had considerable enjoyment of daily activities.

The family became used to having in home carers in the house and could see the benefits of Mum & Dad having daily outings and some independence. The Carers we initially hired were not from a home care company and this meant when they were unavailable or sick, the family had to fill the gaps at short notice.

We soon realised that this would not work for us as a family and our busy lives, so we started using Daughterly Care. We started with Caregivers from 7 am until 7 pm daily in 2005 and then we found it necessary to increase the care to 24 hour live in home care as my parents’ health deteriorated.

Alzheimer’s disease affected my father’s personality in a negative way. We knew that the stress of moving him to a nursing home would cause considerable pain for everyone involved. We have no doubt that he would have been highly medicated in a nursing home as he became difficult to manage.

The family decided that the best option for Dad was to leave him in familiar surroundings and give him the privacy of living in his own home. Daughterly Care enabled this to happen with patient, Carers who were very attentive to his needs up until his death in 2009. If we had not already experienced the benefits of having the wonderful Caregivers from Daughterly Care, we may not have made the same decision.

One of the biggest advantages of using Daughterly Care is that we are never left without a Caregiver and they are reliable.

We believe that my parents have always received high quality care.

The Caregivers are experienced with dementia and show tolerance and compassion. If any problems do arise with the Caregivers, we are able to deal with an experienced co-ordinator who quickly rectifies the situation.

One of our current Caregivers has been with us for over 7 years and another for over 5 1/2 years. A third Caregiver was with us for over 8 years. This means that we have had consistency in Caregivers and they got to know both my parents and the family well. The stable team of Caregivers is trustworthy, considerate and consults regularly with the family.

My mother’s health is now so poor that we could move her to a nursing home and she may not notice any difference. However, with Mum at home, the family are able to visit at any time and for any length of time at our convenience and it’s very pleasant visiting Mum in her own home. None of us visit her if we are sick and the Caregivers obviously do not work if they are unwell. This means that my Mother rarely gets a cold, the flu or a gastric virus which is unlike a nursing home where viruses can easily spread. We don’t have to mix with other dementia patients which can be quite confronting.

We are a large family and having the house has meant it has been easy to celebrate Mum’s birthdays etc with big gatherings at home. It has also meant that as the house is lived in, we have been able to maintain the house and undertake any necessary repairs while the Caregivers are there.

As a family, we have benefited from the capital growth in the value of my parents’ home over the last nine years, which is capital gains tax free. If we had sold the house and placed my parents in a nursing home, we would have missed out on that growth.

My family have no doubt that Daughterly Care’s In Home care service has been able to enhance the quality of my mother’s life and that of my late father. Without Daughterly Care, my parents would not have been able to stay in their own home. I would highly recommend Daughterly Care and my family are very grateful for their assistance.”

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