Elders with high profiles choose our In Home Private Care

Daughterly Care is chosen by successful, high profile and famous Elders and their families because we deliver quality private care and nursing services.  Discerning Elders who have worked hard and enjoyed fame and public prominence throughout their lives — who are now seeking in home private care services − expect discretion and security while living joyfully in their home, their way. Our Caregivers respect this and deliver with discretion.

Typically, Elders who use Daughterly Care‘s In Home Services fall into the following categories:

1. Elders who love each other and whose quality of life is continuing to be with each other all their days. Couples who wish to remain living together and loving each other all their days.

We are all for love, and age is absolutely no reason to be apart… in fact for many people, being with their partner is very comforting and what matters most to them as they age.

It’s good to know you can be together for all your days even when you both have high care needs. In that case, 24 on-hand Live in Care is a wonderful service where one Caregiver attentively cares for you both and gives you the personal space and time together.

Our service and support is flexible because we know ageing is not a linear line. Our focus can be enabling, re-enabling or restorative support. We can encourage and guide or we can do tasks for you. Our services can rise and fall with your care needs. We can support and care for you from as little as 2 hours day to 24 hours a day. We can provide overnight care or our renowned Live in Care.

2. Professional Elders We have cared for many Business Executives, Scientists, Academics, Judges, Doctors, Head Masters, Head Mistresses, Economists, Engineers, IT Executives, Architects, Teachers…

3. Successful business owners – we have cared for the strong and powerful Matriarchs and Patriarchs of national brand name business families and highly successful, and locally well-known business owners. These successful business owners have been determined, clever, worked hard, saved well and invested wisely. They have built their success by providing the very best products and/or services to their clients and they expect the same level of service for themselves and their spouse, in the final years of their life. And “the best in home care” is Daughterly Care.

4. Rural Land Owners – Frankly age doesn’t have to be a reason to move off your beloved land.  You can stay in your home for all your days. Your land and community are part of who you are – and we understand you are part of the landscape and community and that’s why it’s nice to have an outsider come in from out of area and attentively care for you. Our Live in Care service is the ideal care for enabling a joyful life on your land or take you travelling as well as providing Palliative and End of Life care so that your final days are spent resting on your land.

5. Famous Actors, Iconic Singers – After a lifetime of public adoration, these Elders’ homes are full of regular visitors and celebration. At the same time, we know these couples love their private time together. We’re used to working in a social environment and providing attentive care as well as giving personal space and discretion.

6. Elders with busy successful children – Many of our clients have been very successful in their chosen careers and business ventures and their children and grandchildren are ‘chips off the old block’ – i.e. also successful, loving and caring. Their career success robs them of sufficient time to provide the ‘hands on care’ their Elders need, so they know the importance of putting a system in place to provide quality care when it’s needed. And it’s good to have your independence so you are not reliant on busy children, and they can just pop in and enjoy quality time with you.

7. Elders who value their independence – you don’t want to ask your adult children to help you run errands, help you with the housework and drive you to appointments. You want to continue to do the activities that you enjoy and live life to the full in a self-determined way. Our services ensure your control, choice and independence is maximised. And while you’re in control and living your way, life is joyful. We get it.

8. Elders whose adult children live long distances away, such as intra-state, inter-state and overseas – we Case Manage many complex care and live in care clients for Elders with High Care ACAT Assessments. Our Registered Nurses and Complex Care Case Managers work together as a team with the Elder’s known Doctor. For each service our experienced Caregivers complete, a written Progress Note which we email to you. This keeps you fully informed and in control of the decision making.

9. Elders with estranged children Elders in this position often express fear that their children who have not spoken to them for 30 years will walk back into their life and “take over the decision making” in order to maximise their inheritance. Whereas their priority is to be well cared for, even when they can’t make care decisions. We can case manage your care so that you are looked after beautifully.

10. Couples or Single Elders who have no adult children or grandchildren to manage their care With no children or grandchildren to assist you in your older age, it is critical you put formal systems in place to stay in control of your life as you age. It is absolutely critical you:

  • make your care wishes known through an Advance Care Plan;
  • nominate someone you trust to represent you when you cannot make decisions yourself. An Enduring Guardian can legally make care and accommodation decisions on your behalf, following your Advance Care Plan. An Enduring Power of Attorney to manage your money can make financial decisions for you.

Consider putting a small service in place like 2 hours just once a week to get more difficult tasks done. With an established relationship, if a health crisis like a fall happens and you become hospitalised, it’s so easy to call us and we will come and visit you and advocate for your wishes. We will do everything in our power to get you home and ensure you are well cared for with quality carers, if that’s your priority.

It’s a good idea to do your research prior to needing in home care and guide your Enduring Guardian through your Advance Care Plan For example you might write guidance like “my strong preference is to stay at home and in the event that I need 24 hour care please ask Daughterly Care for a quote for their Live in Care service, as this is more cost effective than 24 hour care where you have 3 shifts per 24 hours. Their contact details are www.daughterlycare.com.au 02 9970 7333″.  Here is an example Advance Care Plan to stimulate your thinking on what is important to you and how you would like to be cared for.

If you appoint an Enduring Guardian and Enduring Power of Attorney, who is very busy – like a Lawyer, Accountant or successful child – make it easy for them NOT to put you in a nursing home, because let’s face it…the easiest decision for them is to place you into a nursing home. We do see time poor Enduring Guardians unable to cope with decisions they are not familiar with. If they are time poor or suffering carer-fatigue – placing you into a Nursing Home is the easy answer – but often it’s the worst solution, while Live in Care in your own home is the best solution. In this event you could say you would like Daughterly Care to Case Manage your care.

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