This is a great question because it really gets to the core issue of the difference between two different services.

  1. Live in Care
  2. 24 Hour Care

Daughterly Care is one of very few private elder care providers who provide true Live in Care. Other companies say they provide it when in reality they actually provide 24 hour care.

At Daughterly Care we like to be clear and transparent with our clients: Live in Care and 24 Hour care are two totally different services and the only thing they have in common is that care is available in the home over a 24 hour period.

  1. Live in Care

Daughterly Care has been providing Live in Care for almost 2 decades due to client demand. We know what we are doing and our clients tell us we are very good at it – that’s why 74% of our Live in Care clients are recommended to us by existing families and health professionals such as Doctors.

With Live in Care, Daughterly Care can provides one Caregiver for between 2 to 4 days consecutively. Burn out does not occur because the livein carer sleeps overnight and has down time when the client has down time, to ensure they are fresh for the next day. The Live in Carer does not live in the client’s home permanently as they return to their own home once their shift ends.

A Live in Caregiver’s role is to provide 8 hours of active care, as needed by the client, during a 24 hour period. If more than 8 hours of active care is needed Daughterly Care supplies additional care at the pay-by-the-hour-rate. This is a far more cost effective solution than paying an hourly rate for the 24 Hour service, that most companies provide.

This 8 hours of care compares very favourably to a nursing home where they only provide, on average, 2.8 hours of direct care per person, per 24 hours. Source: Bentley Chartered Accountants Annual Survey of Australian Aged Care Homes 2015. This survey is completed by the nursing homes.

2. 24 Hour Care

24 Hour care is a more labour intensive service where active-care is provided every hour for 24 hours a day. To meet award requirements with 24 hour care, 3 different Caregivers a day are legally required.

At Daughterly Care we don’t believe in ‘over servicing’ and we also know our clients’ families want value and most importantly we stand in the shoes of our client and we imagine what is best for our client. Commonly our elders don’t want 3 people a day coming through their home. It’s exhausting for them. They prefer to have one Live in Caregiver who is on-hand 24 hours to help as needed. They understand that our Caregiver ‘down time’ when the client is having ‘down time’ this is why Daughterly Care’s Live in Care service is perfectly suited to many clients.

The bottom line is this, Daughterly Care recognises there is not a one size fits all solution to aged care so we provide the full suite of aged care services to match our clients’ care needs and the best value for money.

Our High Care Case Managers are very happy to explain these two services further, we even offer a free in home consultation so that we can recommend the right service level. Give us a call on (02) 9970 7333.