Consumer Directed Care for Government funded Home Care Packages can be very confusing to understand. The following pages were written to educate and empower Daughterly Care clients and their adult children and advocates/advisers, and are valuable reading resources for you.

More Information About Government Funded Consumer Directed Home Care Packages

1. What Is A Consumer Directed Care In Home Care Package?

2. What Is Consumer Directed Care (CDC)?

3. Consumers’ 9 NEW RIGHTS Under Consumer Directed Care

4. What are the costs of Consumer Directed Care?

5. How Will Consumer Directed Care Benefit My Loved One?

6. Is Consumer Directed Care Working?

7. Will Consumer Directed Care Make It Easier For My Loved One To Stay At Home?

8. How do you apply for a Government Subsidised Consumer Directed In Home Care package?

9. How do I know if the fees I’m being charged are fair?

10. Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Directed Care Home Care Packages

11. Are you approved or assigned a Government Funded Home Care Package?

12. How do I transfer my Home Care Package?

13. How do I start my Home Care Package?

14. How many hours of support or care can I receive for my Home Care Package? (Go to the box with 4 options half way down this page)

Discover the Secret to getting more out of your Consumer Directed Care Package!

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Offer for existing Daughterly Care clients:

If your loved one is in receipt of an existing In Home Care Package, all you have to do is email us a copy of your recent statements, the Home Care Contract you signed, the fees that were disclosed to you which will be in the budget that forms part of your Home Care Agreement, a copy of your care plan and we can check your statements and advise how many hours of care Daughterly Care Community Services could provide you. We can advise you how to make the most of your in home care package. We will also check for overcharging errors incorrectly charged GST secret undisclosed fees etc.

Email or call us on (02) 9970 7333

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