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With Live In Care the Live in Caregiver live in my parents’ house?

With an aged care service called Live in Care – it sounds that way, however, no our Live in Carers DO NOT move in and live in your parents’ home. Instead with Daughterly Care’s unique Live in Home Care service, the week’s care is typically shared between 2 Live in carers. For example:

Live in Caregiver […]

How does Daughterly Care prevent burn out of their Caregivers?

This is a great question because it really gets to the core issue of the difference between two different services.

  1. Live in Care
  2. 24 Hour Care

Daughterly Care is one of very few private elder care providers who provide true Live in Care. Other companies say they provide it when in reality they actually provide 24 hour care.

At Daughterly […]

When is Live In Care NOT Live In Care? When it’s 24 hour Care

Companies use the terms Live in Care and 24 Hour Care as if they are interchangeable but they are NOT!

24 Hour Care costs twice that Live in Care.

Both services have their advantages and disadvantages. There are clients who regularly require more than 8 hours of direct care each 24 hours […]

Can Live in Care provide the same service as a Nursing Home?

Absolutely, plus a whole lot more.

If someone has told you or your parent “you are high care you have to go to the nursing home”. STOP and consider ALL your options. Yes, there are options.

Once you sell the family home and move your loved one into a nursing home, there is no going back. Before you […]

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