NO, this is absolutely WRONG.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires Daughterly Care to charge GST to any company or organisation we invoice, even if it is a Charity. We remit the GST to the ATO then your Current Approved Provider claims the GST back from the ATO on GST free services like in home personal care and respite care, etc.

Ask your Current Approved Provider why they are deducting 10% GST from your Government funded Home Care Package when they will in fact claim the 10% GST back from the ATO each month. It’s a zero sum effect and that’s why you should NOT have the GST deducted from your in Home Care Package.

If they were to deduct 10% GST from your Government funding, they are making a secret 10% profit, unless they refund the 10% GST back to your package.

Update 6 March 2017, we pointed out to the a client’s Current Approved Provider that they were erroneously deducting the GST, they then informed us that it was a “10% handling fee” for using Daughterly Care. This sudden new fee is an excuse and was not disclosed to our client until it was invented after the event. Illegal. Unethical. A lie. If you are a Daughterly Care client, send your statements via email to us to check for you and we will negotiate the refund with your Current Approved Provider for you.

Tell them you are NOT paying GST. You can complain to the Aged Care Ombudsmen and the Health Department. Better still transfer your Home Care Package to Daughterly Care.

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Read about how we got $5,348.09 GST refunded for our client. It was part of a $29,888.34 refund of overcharges.

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