Government Subsidised Consumer Directed Care - In Home Care Packages

/Government Subsidised Consumer Directed Care - In Home Care Packages

My in home care Provider advised me they need to reduce my services because Daughterly Care charges 10% GST. Is that right?

NO, this is absolutely WRONG.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) requires Daughterly Care to charge GST to any company or organisation we invoice, even if it is a Charity. We remit the GST to the ATO then your Current Approved Provider claims the GST back from the ATO on GST free services like in home personal care […]

Does Daughterly Care have Consumer Directed Care In Home Care Packages?

From 27 February 2017, Home Care Packages are assigned to the client by the Government, not to the Approved Provider.

Yes, Daughterly Care Community Services is an in home care Approved Provider and can administer and case manage your Home Care Package. We offer exceptional in home care Caregivers and Private Nurses. […]

Can my parent use their Government Subsidised Care Package to pay for part of my Live in care cost?

Answer: Yes absolutely.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is as the name suggests – consumer directed, not provider directed. The care recipient or consumer has the right to choose who will be their Approved Providerwhat type of care they prefer (e.g. Live in Care), when they want it and who is to supply the care. So even if your current Approved Provider doesn’t provide […]