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New Northern Beaches Hospital opens


Hello Care Workers and Clients,

The BRAND NEW Northern Beaches hospital at Frenchs Forest opens at 7am on Tuesday, 30 October 2018. You need to read the letter below in case you have to manage an emergency or take a client to the hospital or visit a client already in hospital.

New Northern Beaches Hospital opens2023-11-24T12:39:11+10:00

SA Coroner’s health warning about Elders falls in Nursing Homes


The SA Coroner has recommended that any Elder who has a fall in a Nursing Home, who is on anticoagulant medication (for example but not limited to Clexane & Warfarin) AND who has a pre-existing cognitive impairment must be sent to the hospital to be checked for intracranial bleeding. Falls in the Elderly community are common […]

SA Coroner’s health warning about Elders falls in Nursing Homes2023-11-24T12:39:37+10:00

Dementia Care guidelines by the Australian Government


Have you heard that on Wednesday, 16th March 2016 the Australian Federal Government has launched 109 dementia care recommendations devised by specialists, in conjunction with the National Health and Medical Research Council, aiming to improve dementia diagnosisThese new Australian Government guidelines also advise against prescribing anti-psychotic drugs to people with “mild […]

Dementia Care guidelines by the Australian Government2023-11-24T12:39:49+10:00