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Waiting for a Home Care Package?

My Aged Care now sends a Home Care Readiness Letter 90 days before your Package is assigned

If you are currently “approved” for a Home Care Package and you are on the National Queue waiting for your Home Care Package to be “assigned” ” then we have news for you. My Aged Care […]

On a Level 2 while waiting for your Level 4 Home Care Package?

If you are currently in receipt of a Level 2 Government Subsidised Home Care Package, which is $14,837.25pa pp worth of funding, but you were approved for, and are waiting for your Level 4 Home Care Package, which is $49,592.55 pa pp worth of funding, please read this important update as you need […]

Home Care Packages Government Funding increased on 1 July 2019

Once a year on the 1st of July the Government Funding for the 4 different levels of Home Care Packages increases, as detailed in the tables below.

If you already have a Home Care Package with Daughterly Care Community Services you don’t need to do anything, you will notice the increased […]

$29,888.34 overcharged errors made by former Provider


My very intelligent and successful client couldn’t understand her husband’s Home Care Statements from his former Home Care Provider. So I spent 2 weekends auditing them and found many errors but I still couldn’t fully reconcile his Home Care Package. So I personally visited his former Home Care Approved Provider to find out face-to-face how their statements […]

Elderly Australians are getting ripped off by secret fees

Another week of auditing monthly statements of Government Subsidised Home Care Packages for clients who are wondering if they should transfer their Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services.

This week I discovered another three Approved Providers who charge secret undisclosed fees of 10% pa to Elderly in home care clients.

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