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Daughterly Care is no longer required to issue a Payment Summary

Hello Daughterly Care Employees (not customers)

We have received this email from the Australian Tax Office.  They wanted to let you know that employers are no longer required to provide their Employees a Payment Summary (old name was Group Certificate) and now they call it an Income Statement.  You can read the details below and on […]

Does Daughterly Care Community Services pay superannuation on income you ‘salary package’ and or ‘salary sacrifice into super’?

Dear Daughterly Care Caregivers

Yesterday ABC News (1)  has reported that research called ‘The study, Overdue: Time for Action on Unpaid Super’,  has been released by Industry Super Australia and Cbus and found that employers dodging superannuation payments are pocketing $3.6 billion per year from 2.8 million workers.

If you have read “Why We Started Daughterly […]

Companion Card (NSW) Means Carers Attend Events for Free

In line with Daughterly Care’s Joyful Living Approach to life, I wanted to make you aware of the Companion Card (NSW) which means our Daughterly Care  Caregiver or a family carer can attend events for FREE with disabled / elderly clients.

Click through to our Companion Card page where we explain:

  • How the […]

Respite Care for ANZAC Day

Carers of Elders and Loved Ones do an amazing job but it can be tough. Sometimes you don’t realise just how tough until it reaches a critical point.

Special commemorative days like ANZAC Day can place even more pressure on carers as they try to balance their responsibilities. Main carers can struggle with their parents or Loved One […]

Pastoral Care Week is in its 31st year in 2015

Pastoral Care is a service with wide spread benefits to people with a vast array of needs.

If you research the term ‘Pastoral Care’, you’ll find it is an ancient model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. Pastoral or spiritual care is the only caring modality in […]

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