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Living with Dementia: You Are Not Alone

A recent survey reveals that people living with dementia and their primary carers — mostly spouses — feel alone. They are almost twice as likely to experience high rates of loneliness because of stigma.

In 2016, the acting CEO of Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, Leanne Wenig confirmed the long-recognised fact that friendships […]

Sir Terry Pratchett, Dementia Care and the Right to Live Joyfully at Home

Sir Terry Pratchett, the internationally renowned novelist was diagnosed with dementia in 2007 and it stunned him. He became one of the 47.5 million people living with a form of dementia worldwide; one of the 7.7 million people diagnosed with dementia annually and one of the new cases recorded every 4 seconds. Like so many […]

Happiness is a choice at Christmas and all year round

Christmas preparations can be a busy time, particular as Christmas day approaches…

My gift to Elderly dementia clients and their families is…

As busy as you are…please take 5 minutes to read this touching story.

It’s a helpful reminder that carers still have choices.

This article was written by Bob Demarco, an American gentleman who […]

Communicate more effectively with people living with dementia

There are many ways to communicate

People living with dementia often find it difficult to communicate verbally. But don’t underestimate them. We are so used to communicating verbally that when someone is unable to communicate via speech, it can be interpreted that they can’t communicate at all. Their senses are usually all functioning and they are […]

What does dementia and a child’s toy have in common?

Have you ever experienced, once you get one thing in place that something else shifts?

That every time you do something right, it has also caused something to go wrong?

That’s what it feels like to live with dementia.

Using a small children’s toy, I gave a visual demonstration of what living with dementia is like, in front of […]

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