Hello Daughterly Care Employees (not customers)

We have received this email from the Australian Tax Office.  They wanted to let you know that employers are no longer required to provide their Employees a Payment Summary (old name was Group Certificate) and now they call it an Income Statement.  You can read the details below and on the ATO website.

If you don’t already have a MyGov Account, I strongly recommend that you open one at their secure website www.my.gov.au  It is a secure portal, email system that the Government uses to securely email you your Tax refund / payable, PAYG, Medicare, etc.

If you already have a MyGov Account then you would have received an email, like this, in your MyGov Account, in essence telling you not to lodge your tax return until AFTER your employer has marked your tax information as “tax ready”.  Your last pay day of this financial year is 30 June 2019 and we have until 31 July 2019 to issue your Income Statement to the ATO and they load it to your MyGov Account.

Daughterly Care will email you when we have sent your Income Statement to the ATO.