Answer: Yes absolutely.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is as the name suggests – consumer directed, not provider directed. The care recipient or consumer has the right to choose who will be their Approved Providerwhat type of care they prefer (e.g. Live in Care), when they want it and who is to supply the care. So even if your current Approved Provider doesn’t provide Live in Care you can request Daughterly Care because we specialise in providing:

  1. private care;
  2. dementia care
  3. high care; and
  4. Live in Care

From our audits of hundreds of Approved Providers’ monthly statements, we have seen Old School-Approved Providers keeping between 30% – 63% pa of your:

1. Government funding;

2. Your Basic Daily Care Fee (Consumer Co-contribution);

3. Your Income Tested Care Fee; plus

4. your Voluntary Top Up Fees.

Once the Approved Provider fees have been deducted from your Government funding, the balance is what you have left to contribute towards the cost of your Live in Care cost. Daughterly Care Community Services only charges 20% pa total Approved Provider fees on your Home Care Package income so investigate if it is financially worthwhile moving your Home Care Package to Daughterly Care Community Services to maximise the Government funding available to pay for your Live in Care.