With an aged care service called Live in Care – it sounds that way, however, no our Live in Carers DO NOT move in and live in your parents’ home. Instead with Daughterly Care’s unique Live in Home Care service, the week’s care is typically shared between 2 Live in carers. For example:

Live in Caregiver 1 is ‘on-hand’ 24 hours X 3 days; and then
Live in Caregiver 2 is ‘on-hand’ 24 hours X 4 days.

Both Caregivers return to their own home when their shift ends. It would be better if ‘Live in Care’ was called “on-hand 24 Hour Care” or “24 hour presence care”. The 2 Live in Carers roll forward, week after week, supporting, enabling and caring for the client for as long as the client is happy with their care and support.

Note: The set daily fee differs from Monday – Friday, weekends and Public Holidays.

Please also note: some jobs are staffed on a 5 days / 2 days rota and occasionally we staff jobs on a 2 day / 2 days / 3 days rota because the care needs of the client are such that it is better we have more Caregivers and shorter shifts. We are very experienced at working out the best way to staff a job.