Answer: There is no assets test for a Consumer Directed Care In Home Care Package, there is only an income test.

NOTE: However please note Nursing Home placements have BOTH income and assets tests.

If your father earns less than $26,985.40 income per year he just pays the Basic Daily Care Fee of $10.43 per day which is 17.5% of the Age Pension. This is also called a co-contribution fee.

As of September 2018, the annual Basic Co-Contribution is $146.02 per fortnight or $3,806.95 per person per annum. The fee changes twice a year when the age pension changes on 20th March and 20th September.

If your father earns more then he has to pay a Consumer Income Tested Fee.

There is a lifetime cap on the Income Tested Care Fee once your father has contributed $65,357.65. All these fees are explained on our page:
What are the costs of a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Package.

If your father is ‘asset rich and income poor’ with no investment portfolio or superannuation to sell, he might consider drawing down on some of the equity in his home using a Reverse Mortgage. Speak to your Accountant or a Financial Planner for the right strategy for your father.