We invoice after our in home care service has been provided.

If you are paying for our in home care services privately then we will invoice you fortnightly.

  • Our terms of business are 7 days however when you pay by Direct Debit (our preferred method) we only deduct the invoiced amount AFTER 14 days, giving you time to check our invoice and get back to us if there is a problem. We are known for having accurate invoices.
  • Importantly, we only direct debit you if we have provided services for the past fortnight, so if we have not provided private home care services, you can be rest assured, nothing will be deducted from your bank account.
  • In limited situations where a direct debit cannot be put in place our Terms of Business are 7 days and you can pay by transfer direct into our bank account, cash or by cheque.

If your Government funded Home Care Package is paying for our services then we will send you a monthly Home Care Statement and invoice you for the Basic Daily Care Fee1, and your Income Tested Care Fee1 (only paid by part-pensioners and self-funded retirees) monthly.

1These two fees are stipulated by the Department of Human Services.