Government Funded Home Care Packages provide money to pay for in home care to help keep Australian Seniors in their own home, and thereby, delay moving into a Nursing Home or help you avoid the Nursing Home altogether. The fees, set by the Government, are a co-contribution and added to your Government Subsidised Home Care Package funding, and increase twice a year, on the 20th of March and the 20th of September (see new fees from 20/3/2020 below).

There are 4 levels of Government subsidised Consumer Directed Care (CDC) Home Care Packages(Valid from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020)

Consumer Directed Care Package Home Care Package Per annum per person 11.5% Supplement* Per annum per person (from 20/3/2019) Total Govt. Subsidy Per annum per person
Level 1 $10,271.10 $1,182.60 $11,453.70
Level 2 $18,063.85 $2,076.85 $20,140.70
Level 3 $39,310.50 $4,522.35 $43,832.85
Level 4 $59,593.55 $6,854.70 $66,448.25

A Government Subsidised Home Care Package is a universal health benefit for all seniors who have ACAT Assessed Eligible Aged Care Needs. Discover how a Home Care Package helps you stay at home for all your days here.

If you are a self-funded senior you are still eligible to receive a Government Funded Home Care Package, worth up to $66,448.25 pa, per person, to reduce or supplement your current private care invoices. However self-funded older retirees are required by the Government to contribute an Income Tested Care Fee which is explained on this page of our website.

From 1/7/2019 Daughterly Care Community Services Ltd no longer charges the Basic Daily Care fee.

The Home Care Package fees below apply to older Australians who first received a Government Subsidised Home Care Package on 1 July 2014 or after (if you had a Home Care Package before 1 July 2014 then the Income-Tested Care Fee and the Basic Daily Care Fee are NOT payable with us).

The following fees are set by the Government, not Daughterly Care Community Services.

The 2 fees which increased on 20 March 2020 for Home Care Package clients are:

1. The Daily Care Fee has increased from $10.63 per day to $10.75 per day. That’s 12 cents per day increase for inflation. (Note: Daughterly Care Community Services has NOT charged this fee from 1/7/2019.)

2. The Daily Income Tested Care Fee has increased from $30.49 per day to $30.86 per day. That’s 37 cents per day increase for inflation.

If you can’t afford the increase in the Government’s Basic Daily Care Fee or Income Tested Care Fee you can apply to the Government for a Financial Hardship Supplement, which is explained on this page of our website.

The Daughterly Care website has been updated with these changes:

Name of the Government Fee OLD cost 20th Sept 2019 to 19th March 2020 NEW cost 20 March 2020 to 19th Sept 2020
Maximum Basic Daily Care Fee is paid by all Consumers including full Pensioners, Part Pensioners and Self-Funded.

Please note: the Government discounted the BDCF from 1st July 2019. You can see the Maximum Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) for all 4 levels on this page.

Maximum Basic Daily Care Fee (BDCF) – Level 4 $10.63 $10.75
Fortnight $148.82 $150.50
Per Annum $3,869.32 $3,913.00
You will pay PART of the Income Tested Care Fee if you earn income over these thresholds. More details on this page.
Individual Person per Annum $27,463.80 $27,736.80
Member of a couple, separated due to illness (individual income) per annum $26,943.80 $27,216.80
Member of a couple, living together (combined income) per annum $21,294.00 $21,502.00
Maximum Income Tested Care Fee Contribution Caps
Daily Cap – fully Self-Funded $30.49 $30.86
Daily Cap – Part Pensioner $15.24 $15.43
Annual Cap for fully Self-Funded $11,101.81 $11,234.96
Annual Cap for Part Pensioners $5,550.90 $5,617.47
Lifetime Cap for Self-Funded and Part Pensioners $66,610.90 $67,409.85

These fees are set by the Australian Government Department of Health. Click HERE to access their downloadable PDF where we sourced the figures from.

If you received your Home Care Package prior to 1 July 2014 then here is your fee schedule.

These web pages have been updated to reflect the increased Government-set fees:

What are the costs of a Home Care Package?

Should Self-Funded Seniors Accept a Level 2 Home Care Package?

Avoid the Nursing Home…stay in your home with Government Subsidised In Home Care worth up to $56,856.05 per year per person.  Here’s how you apply for a Home Care Package.  Make sure you tell your friends how to avoid the Nursing Home too!

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Educated consumers have more choice and a happier older age

You can remain living happily in YOUR home for years LONGER or avoid the Nursing Home altogether by gaining a Government Subsidised In Home Care Package worth up to $56,856.05 per year, per person to pay for in-home care services.

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