“You’re 87 and you’re frail therefore, you have to go to a Nursing Home. You need to get used to that idea.”

It had been a harrowing couple of weeks for Edna. Being told she had to go to a Nursing Home was almost the last straw.

First Edna had a fall at home. Despite not having an injury, the ambulance was called and she waited for a day in Accident and Emergency to be seen by a doctor. After finally being admitted and subject to a barrage of tests over a few days, a cause was not found behind the reason for the fall.

In hospital Edna “de-conditioned”.  She lost weight, muscle tone, ability and worst of all, she lost confidence so Edna was transferred to the rehabilitation clinic to build her strength.

That’s when the Nurse leaned into Edna in an intimidating way and said,

“You’re 87 and you’re frail therefore, you have to go to a Nursing Home. You need to get used to that idea.”

avoid the nursing home with live in care

Fortunately for Edna, her son Johnathon was present and immediately said, “Mum is not going to a Nursing Home.” 

But how could Edna go home?


Johnathon had researched alternatives to a Nursing Home and found Daughterly Care’s 24 hour Live in Convalescent Care. He rang Daughterly Care on a Tuesday and two days later, he had Daughterly Care’s Caregivers caring for Edna at home.

Our Caregivers are able to support and enable Edna 24 hours a day, if needed. Live in Care provides carers for an active 8 hours and stay in the Elder’s home to sleep so they are on-hand when needed. Furthermore, our Caregivers can collaborate with our private nurses to strengthen the support and care.

Our mutual care goal is to restore Edna’s health and confidence to the point where we can reduce our care to a few hours a day or stop altogether.

avoid the nursing home and the hospital with live in care

Edna is one of the fortunate mothers who escaped being placed in a Nursing Home.

Edna’s fall isn’t a good reason to place her into a Nursing Home.

If you look at the evidence-based research, a fall is rarely a good reason for an Elder to be placed into a Nursing Home. The research shows that Elders fall at a 30% higher rate in Nursing Homes and hospitals than at home and when they fall, their injuries are greater.

Did you know that Daughterly Care Caregivers have been trained in a program that has been PROVEN by the University of Sydney to reduce falls by 31%?

Daughterly Care caters to the Elder’s needs by putting in place the right care and support to be safe in their own home.

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Get the facts about falls and build strength to avoid falls. Get re-enabled after a fall. Call Daughterly Care on 02 9970 7333.