Pastoral Care is a service with wide spread benefits to people with a vast array of needs.

If you research the term ‘Pastoral Care’, you’ll find it is an ancient model of emotional and spiritual support that can be found in all cultures and traditions. Pastoral or spiritual care is the only caring modality in which personal connection is the prime goal of interaction.

pastoral care spiritual care for elders and all ages

Daughterly Care supports
Pastoral Care.

Supporting people of all ages
from all walks of life.

Our lovely Lucille Lum who is from our Mosman Aged Care Advice Centre has a Diploma of Pastoral Care and Ageing. Pastoral care means offering help, support and care to individuals through listening, affirming, encouraging and befriending.

Lucille said, “To me, anyone who is caring for someone in a truly person-centred way and touching the source of a person’s spiritual energy is giving Pastoral Care.”

In her many years of practising pastoral care, Lucille has helped people in the following ways …

  • Letting go of guilt;
  • Fostering hope;
  • Reaffirming sources of spiritual energy.

These positive things come through …

  • Developing a relationship of trust;
  • Non-judgemental listening;
  • Offering suitable resources.

Many Elders who are approaching the end of their life often receive great comfort from Pastoral Care. They look back over their life and feel guilty about a number of issues including relationships with family and friends.

In addition, adult children wrestling with the decision to arrange care for their parent/s due to lifestyle commitments can become gripped by guilt. Realistically, in Home Care provides many wonderful benefits for their Loved One. Unfortunately, the pain of guilt stays with us, all too easily and can be triggered by any number of circumstances.

Having someone to provide a non-judgemental ear, encourage hope and offer helpful resources can be a wonderful support.

Lucille also has a Diploma in Service Co-ordination and would love to help you in any way she can. Drop by or ring our Mosman Aged Care Advice Centre directly for a private and confidential discussion on 02 9969 5954.

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Lucille Lum
Mosman Aged Care Advice Centre Co-ordinator
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