Our CEO, Kate Lambert went on the Channel 9 Mornings Show and spoke about Consumer Directed Care (CDC) in Home Care Packages.

Discover what Government Subsidised Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is, in the 4 minute video below.

You may be eligible for $54,552.90 pa in funding and it is not assets tested.

Kate on channel 9

I would also like to add to my message in the video:

On 1 July 2015, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) was designed to provide:

  • Better quality service;
  • More appropriate and suitable care;
  • Fair and better value for Elders; and
  • Further needed help to Elders so they can stay at home rather than move into a Nursing Home.

Consumer Directed Care gives Elders 9 new RIGHTS.

The right:

1) to choose what  TYPE of care they need;

2) to choose WHEN they need their care i.e. what day and what time;

3) to choose WHO supplies their care such as, choosing a premium private care provider like Daughterly Care.

4) to have financial transparency and accountability via monthly statements. This new right is a game changer!!!!!! 

5) to choose what level of management the Consumer (or their Representative, Enduring Guardian or Family) would like. The higher level of management you choose for your package, the less fees the Approved Provider should charge and the more you can spend on actual care.

6) to have no retribution. Many Elders and their families are afraid to speak up for their rights when receiving Government Funded in home care services. You don’t have to be afraid, you cannot be discriminated against just because you stand up for your rights and for what is rightfully yours. From 1 July 2015, it’s your money (not the Approved Provider’s money) and your care, to live life your way.

Two weeks ago, an Approved Provider said they could pay for 7 hours of care per week to a Daughterly Care client. On behalf of the Daughterly Care client, I negotiated with their Approved Provider to increase the care hours to 18.75 per week.

That means from this week…

the Government is paying $910 towards the client’s Live in Care every week, for life.

Exclusive to Daughterly Care clients… I can negotiate for you……. for FREE…

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Kylie Kate Lambert Daughterly Care co-founder and Home Care Package expert

Kylie Lambert

B.Ec  F Fin
(known to her friends for 25 years as Kate)
Daughterly Care CEO, Co-Founder & Owner