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Level 4 Home Care Package Fees – Save $892.31 every 31 days

Imagine if you had an extra $892.31 every 31 days to spend on your care?

$892.31 worth of extra care and support every 31 days is not to be sneezed at. How could your life be easier or more joyful with that extra money to spend on your care?

When I say my […]

2 Ways to avoid large ($4,153) Home Care Package Exit Fees

Last week a number of friends texted and emailed me to ask:

“I saw in the media that elderly people are getting slugged an Exit Fee – of $4,153 just for leaving the current provider of their Home Care Package. Kate, is that really true?

Are undisclosed hidden home care fees charged to Elderly people ethical?

Background Information

Almost 2 years ago we discovered that a faith-based not-for-profit Approved Home Care Provider had secretly added $100 a day to the Daughterly Care Live in Care fee by reporting on the client’s Monthly Home Care Package Statement that the Daughterly Care fee was $100 HIGHER every day than we had invoiced the Approved Provider.

This […]

True Consumer Directed Home Care has started

If you are already in receipt of a Government Subsidised Home Care Package then you would have recently received a letter from the Federal Government via My Aged Care that looks like this:Essentially this letter is saying:

  • From the 27th February 2017 your Home Care Package is assigned […]

Government Announcement: Release of Home Care Packages

A new national system for prioritising access to home care has now been established. The new system will allow home care packages to be assigned to consumers according to:

  • their relative needs
  • how long they have been waiting for care.

The department has started releasing home care packages through the new system, with approximately 11,300 packages scheduled for […]

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