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Fair Aged Care Administration Fees

If your Government Funded Home Care Package Approved Provider advised you that they are doubling their aged care administration fees…what would you do?

Recently, an Approved Provider wrote to our client to advise they were doubling their administration fees.This particular Approved Provider had NOT been able to provide any monthly statements to clients since […]

How to reduce Consumer Directed Care Package Fees

How to reduce Consumer Directed Care in Home Care Package fees and enjoy the new rights

The power of Consumer Directed Care is that Elders can nominate:

When they want care (no more waiting half a day for a shower);

Who they want to provide their care (i.e. their Government funding […]

Government Fees for Home Care Packages have increased

Government Funded Home Care Packages provide money to pay for in home care to help keep Australian Seniors in their own home, and thereby, delay moving into a Nursing Home or help you avoid the Nursing Home altogether. The fees, set by the Government, are a co-contribution and added to your Government Subsidised […]

ABC Lateline report on living with a form of dementia

On September 29th, 2015, ABC Lateline had a story on Government funded in Home Care Packages for elders.

Consumers complained they were being fleeced by in home care Approved Providers. Is it “a beat up” or true?

Unfortunately, it is true for many.

Daughterly Care’s CEO and Co-founder, Kylie Lambert has […]

More Consumer Directed In Home Care with Kylie Lambert

Kylie Lambert, CEO of Daughterly Care can help you negotiate with your Elderly parents’ or your Approved Provider in getting more from your or their Consumer Directed Care Home Care Package.

2 Weeks ago, an Approved Provider said they could only pay for 7 hours of care, per week for a Daughterly Care client.

I negotiated that 7 […]

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