Elderly Care

Read Daughterly Care’s Elder Care experience and knowledge through Kate’s blog articles so you can get an insight into the truly unique private and home care package services they are able to provide.

Enduring Guardian & Power of Attorney for Elder Care


In addition to our in Home Elderly Care and Dementia Care services, we believe it is important to keep all Elders and their families up-to-date with the latest aged care options and Government changes.

Enduring Guardianship and Power of Attorney are two topics that need to be thoroughly understood.

One subject […]

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The Best At Home Palliative Care


70% of Elderly Australians prefer to die at home, rather than in a hospital or Nursing Home. Yet only around 14% actually die in their own homes*.

Most Elders end-up dying in the hospital or Nursing Home, their least preferred places. This is not the case for Daughterly Care in home care clients. […]

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Dying at Home with Dignity


It seems we, as a society are reluctant to talk about death and dying. We tend to fear it and prefer to focus on defying it, despite the fact that we will all experience it – and as our population is ageing, it is even more relevant to discuss death and dying.

Death is a foregone […]

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Government cuts aged care funding by over $1.2 billion


Savage Government funding cuts to Nursing Homes, plus Registered Nurses are not required to be on-duty in NSW Nursing Homes.

In the same week the Federal Government’s budget savagely cut $1.2 BILLION from Nursing Home funding over the next four years. At the same time, the NSW State Government agreed to remove the […]

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