Does Daughterly Care have a waiting list for new clients?

We have NO WAITING LIST to start providing services for new clients. 

For 21 years we have operated our private in home care business so that we are always recruiting experienced Carers and training new Carers to meet the growing demand for Daughterly Care’s in home aged care services. In the past, this approach has met the […]

How quickly can Daughterly Care start private care services for a new client?

In an emergency, we are highly likely to be able to provide private care the same day you enquire.  In that case, it is most likely to be a private Registered Nurse who attends so that they can do a Work, Health and Safety (WHS) assessment at the start of the service and in that case […]

Do I need an ACAT Assessment to receive services from Daughterly Care?

No you don’t. If you want private in home care services where you pay us directly for your in home care services then no, you don’t need an assessment from the ACAT team. ACAT stands for Aged Care Assessment Team and they operate out of your local hospital. One of their jobs is to assess elderly […]

When do you invoice me for in home care services?

We invoice after our in home care service has been provided.

If you are paying for our in home care services privately then we will invoice you fortnightly.

  • Our terms of business are 7 days however when you pay by Direct Debit (our preferred method) we only deduct the invoiced amount AFTER 14 days, giving […]

If I have a DVA card can I get an In Home Care Package?

Understanding Veterans Home Care Packages and Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Department of Veterans’ Affairs Programs

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (DVA) is responsible for carrying out Government policy and implementing programs to fulfil Australia’s obligations to war veterans and their dependents. DVA offers a range of programs to assist Veterans and war widows/widowers with their health and wellbeing […]

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